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1. How to properly display a price up to two decimals (cents) including trailing zeros in Java?

There is a good question on rounding decimals in Java here. But I was wondering how can I include the trailing zeros to display prices in my program like: $1.50, ...

2. round decimal to nearest 10th

need to round my answer to nearest10th.

    double finalPrice = everyMile + 2.8;
    DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
    this.answerField.setText("£" + fmt.format(finalPrice) + ...

3. Round a double to 2 significant figures after decimal point

suppose if the value is 200.3456 it should be formatted to 200.34 or if it is 200 then it should be 200.00

4. Java float 123.129456 to 123.12 without rounding

How do you cut down float primitive in java to two decimal places, without using rounding?:

123.99999 to 123.99
-8.022222 to -8.02
There should be no rounding just cut of the decimal places and ...

5. Rounding off in java

I have a list that contains many decimal values.

  • If i get a value of .032 i have to round it off to 3.2%
  • If i get a value of 32.33 i have to ...

6. How to round the double value to 2 decimal points?

I want to round up the double value upto 2 decimal points. for example: I have double d=2; and the result should be result =2.00

7. Round off decimal value up to nearest 0.05 value?

I was reading How to round decimal value up to nearest 0.05 value??. It mentions the following stuff.

   Math.ceiling(myValue * 20) / 20
How does this hack work ? I ...

8. Problem with Rounding off to nearest 0.05 value

There are already so many questions asked about this already. One popular answer is to use the below formula.

  Math.ceiling(myValue * 20) / 20
I need the following output for corresponding ...

9. DecimalFormat rounding

Here is small code to illustrate what I am seeing

float floater = 59.999f

DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat("00.0");

This prints:
I would like it to print
What do I need to do?

10. How can I prevent decimals being rounded when using DecimalFormat?

Can anyone help how can i prevent rounding decimal value.

DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat();

Object[] arrayRowResult = (Object[]) rowResult;
String a=df.format(arrayRowResult[0]) // [0] contain decimal(2,10) but format results rounded value
String b=df.format(arrayRowResult[1]) // [1] ...

11. How to round a float value to two decimal points

Hai all, I have a float value in my java program which is used to calculate percentage. And i have to round that value to two decimal places. The conversion i am expecting is as follows 12.3476 to 12.35 12.9988 to 13.00 I tried with round(),number2str supported by Tutil class and some jstl tags also. But answer is not like i ...

12. rounding a double to two decimals

13. Round to n decimals?

14. Decimal Rounding Problem in Java 4.

15. Rounding decimal

Hi. I want to round the decimal value 5.345 up to 5.35. How is that possible using java.math.BigDecimal? Using the follow code does not round up the last decimal point: float toBePaidTotalAmount = 5.345f; java.math.BigDecimal bd_toBePaidTotalAmount = new java.math.BigDecimal( toBePaidTotalAmount ); bd_toBePaidTotalAmount = bd_toBePaidTotalAmount.setScale( 2, java.math.BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP ); toBePaidTotalAmount = bd_toBePaidTotalAmount.floatValue(); out.println("*************************** : Result is: 5.34"); bd_toBePaidTotalAmount = bd_toBePaidTotalAmount.setScale( 2, java.math.BigDecimal.ROUND_UP ); ...

16. Help with rounding decimals

I need some help! I can't seem to get my output to round to two decimal places. Can anyone give me a hand with this I have tried countless ways of doing this and none of them have worked. I thought the code - DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat ("0.##"); would work but it hasn't. Here is my program- import java.awt.Color; ...

17. Compile Error (decimal rounding attempt)

I am having a problem while trying to get user input data from a textField to a variable. The users are inputting numbers, most of which are declared as double. I found an example on the Internet where the programmer turned the values into strings but when I try to recreate this I get 3 compile errors saying "Can not find ...

18. Rounding decimal error

I am trying to round these decimals, but I get the error unexpected type: found: value required: variable. (First of all I don't know how you can round a variable, but that's not the point) I just want to round, this shouldn't be rocket science and I probably made some stupid mistake, but I would really appreciate it if someone pointed ...

20. how to round a decimal number

21. Help Round decimal 2 palces

//Low Balance if (balance < 100.00) { JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, "You have fallen below the minium required balance and you have been charged:$" + lbcharge); balance = balance - lbcharge; } else { lbcharge = 0.00; } //NSF Charge if (balance <= 0.00) { JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, "You have a negative balance and you have been charged:$" + nsfcharge); balance = (balance - ...

22. How to avoid the round up from decimals?

double Hours = time * StoH; //gets the total time in hours String extractMfromH = Double.toString(Hours); //transforms Hours to a string String getMinutes = extractMfromH.substring(2,10); //gets the decimal part from the total time double toMinutes = Double.parseDouble(getMinutes); //transforms the decimal part to a double double Minutes = (toMinutes/100000000) * HtoM; //converts the remaining part to minutes String extractSfromM = Double.toString(Minutes); //transforms ...

23. How to round to the next decimal

I'm a little bit stumped as to how to round to the nearest thousandth of a decimal for example: Input is a float number: 12.1234 and Ouput is: 12.124 << yes thats correct you round up one regardless the input can be any number in the format of nn.nnnn or it can be just nn.nnn I was looking at the Math.round ...

24. Rounding decimals

25. Rounding off 2 decimal number

Rounding mode to round towards the "nearest neighbor" unless both neighbors are equidistant, in which case, round towards the even neighbor. Behaves as for ROUND_HALF_UP if the digit to the left of the discarded fraction is odd; behaves as for ROUND_HALF_DOWN if it's even. Note that this is the rounding mode that minimizes cumulative error when applied repeatedly over a sequence ...