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1. Handling numbers with lot of values after decimal in Java

I do

 Collections.frequency(List<String>, List<String>.get(i)) / List<String>.size()
The output for the above calculation should be (for example)
but I get 0.0, instead. How do I handle this? I keep getting 0.0 with double and float Thanks ...

3. validations problems(decimal value check?)

Problem: Validation not working part of code related to this: ------------------------------ String score = request.getParameter("testScore"); double highValue = 21.0; //max value possible . . . Case 1: double testScore = Double.parseDouble(score ); if(testScore > lowValue ) { err message....... } Case 2: int testScore = Integer.parseInt(score); if(testScore > 21 ) { err message....... } But in both the cases I could ...

4. decimal value for "ffff" is 69904

Hi there, Please look at the code. If I uncomment at variable "d", I do get compilation error. Can you tell me why ? My understanding is, decimal value for "ffff" is 69904. Therefor I don't see any difference between variable c and d. Please forgive my ignorance. class Test { public static void main(String agrgs[]){ char c = 0xffff; // ...

5. Parse decimal value

Hi! I want to parse a user entered decimal string into a decimal number. I also want to take into account the different locale. For example in my country, 43,5 is a valid decimal number. I have tried the following code: NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(getMyLocale()); DecimalFormat df = (DecimalFormat)nf; Float num = Float.valueOf(df.parse(ftf.getText()).toString()); It does not work, becuase 45_76 does not ...

6. Decimal values

I have a float variable defined and whenever I have a value say "25.49" i get the same value as it is. When I have a value say "25.40" I get the value without the zero as 25.4. I need the output as 25.40. basically I want 2 characters after the decimal point, can anyone advise on this.

7. Working with Decimal values

Hi I am working on a program that reads in decimal values. I have the input set as Double. for example : 23.0, 23.0, 24.0, 24.0, 25.0, 25.0, 25.234, 25.234, 25.342, 25.342, 26.0 I am trying to perform different functions depending on the value of the data. For example if 23.0 I want to do function 1. for value 25.234 I ...

8. get decimal value

9. Decimal Values

Hi I am developing a calculator for distance measurement from Lat/Long using haversine formula. The problem is that when I give decimal values, it doesnot dispaly correct answer, but in non decimal values it gives correct answer. I am using double data type every where. The code is here: import java.math.BigDecimal; import javax.swing.*; class calc{ public static void main(String args[]){ double ...

10. check nbo decimal values of double

Hi there! I need some advice on a topic: What is the best practice to check the number of decimal places, double values have (e.g. two decimal places are allowed, when there are more an exception has to be thrown)? I did some research, but could not find a truely satisfying solution. Hope you can help! greetz

11. Removing decimal point from double value

Thanks for the quick replies. This is an audio application involving a frequency sweep. The algorithm creates a period of a waveform at a specific frequency and stores it into an array of bytes (audio samples). The next period (at a slightly different frequency) is added to this array. Because the frequency increments are small, there are quite a number of ...

12. Decimal Formatter is rouding value

Hi All, In the below code snippet, amount field is getting rounded from 99999999999999.99 to 1000000000000. double amount1 =9.999999999999999E11; NumberFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("######.00"); System.out.println("The Decimal Value is:"+formatter.format(amount1)); I want to prevent this from getting rounded of, so that 99999999999999.99 is seen as the output. Please help or suggest some alternatives. -amit

13. Comparing values for decimal point accuracy

14. How can i store Decimal values