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1. Format Double as Fraction

Is there a library that will convert a Double to a String with the whole number, followed by a fraction? For example

1.125 = 1 1/8
I am only looking for fractions to a ...

2. DecimalFormat and doubles

DecimalFormat parses Double.toString() representation (which could be in scientific and financial format). Why Sun has chosen this approach, instead of direct converting double to String? PS: To be more concrete. ...

3. how to print a Double without commas

When using toString(), Double adds commas (5143 is printed as 5,143). How to disable the commas?

4. Format double value in scientific notation

I have a double number like 223.45654543434 and I need to show it like "0.223x10E-3". How can I do this in Java?

5. Java: Double % formatting question for printf

%s is a string in printf, and %d is a decimal I thought...yet when putting in

writer.printf("%d dollars is the balance of %s\r\n", bal, nm); exception is thrown telling me that ...

6. Java MethodOverloading error with double values

Here is a part of my code I'm having trouble with: ===Class Overload===

public class Overload  
    public void testOverLoadeds()  

7. Formatting Double into a String in iReport

I'm doing a report, that I need to join 4 variables in one. If I treat the variables separately I can format them with no problem. But when I merge them into a ...

8. String.format() to format double in java

How can I use String.format(format String,X) to format a double like follows??? 2354548.235 -> 2,354,548.23 Thanks!

9. Double datatype formatting

This is a very trivial problem for you guys. Please suggest me the way to achieve the optimal solution. My requirement is, I have an incoming Double value, so if the ...

10. Can a Double be formatted without scientific notation?

I am aware of the various posts floating out there with regards to the same issue. Mine its a little bit different and it might be a little obvious, but I will ...

11. How to format Double with dot?

How to format Double by String.format to String with dot between integer and decimal part?

String s = String.format("%.2f", price) ;
formats only with ",".

12. How to avoid Double values getting stored in 1Ex format?

I am having a double variable:

private double b=0.0;
I am taking value of a certain field in b (the value is between 0.0 to 9.99999999). Mostly, user enters value between 0.0 to ...

13. Formatting a Double into the correct format

Having problem getting a Longitude/Latitude into the correct format for an api we don't have access to. We need to convert this to a string and at the moment we have: ...

14. How to println double in a readable format?

For example, I want to calculate this: 4,000,000.0 * 4; and I got this: 1.6E7. What should I do, to got this: 16,000,000.0?? Thx!!

15. how to show double value in simple format?

I have some calculation like this

public class Florida {
public static void main(String arg[]){

    double value = 9223372036854775807l;
    double ans = 0;

16. Formating a double returned from a method in Java

I have a method that returns a double. When I call this method and print its result, it prints out 10.3333333 for example. I would like the method to return a ...

17. Formatting a double

System.out.printf("Email storage space (in bytes): " + "%.2f" , mill + "million" + thou + "thousand" + hund);

18. formatting double values

19. format double

s1 = 73.45; s = String.format("%.3f%%", s1); if (s.endsWith("%")) { s = s.substring(0, s.length() - 1);} d = Double.valueOf(s); I need to pass d to the below method dataset.setValue(String s, double d[B])//Here the value of d should be in the format as 73.45%.[/B] How is it possible? I hope u understand now Why I am doing that? Thanks

20. Format to Doubles

21. Formatting String as double values

Hi, This may be a simple one but need help. I want to convert a string to a double value and return the same without losing the formatting. The sample code is as enclosed. public class TestDouble { private static final String AMT = "100000000.376"; public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("amount is "+AMT); System.out.println("amount in double is "+Double.valueOf(AMT)); } } ...

22. Formatting a double field

23. format a scientific notation double to a non scientific notation double

I'm trying to format a double in scientific notation to a double not in scientific notation. I tried using DecimalFormat to format the scientific notation double to a string. But, when I try to convert it back to a double I get the scientific notation back. 7.399999999999985E-5 To 0.00007 (When I create a new Double I get 7.0E-5 back). Any suggestions ...

24. double value formatting ...

25. formatting double value

26. How to Format Double value?

Hi, i have two double values which are then multiplied. Can you please tell me how to get the exact values. Below is the example : 4069976.23 * 1815496.43 = 7389027315749.8589 the code : double x = 4069976.23d; double y = 1815496.43d; double z =x*y; System.out.println("z :"+z); the result that i get is z :7.389027315749858E12 how can i get the exact ...

28. double type format

29. Display a Java Double in non scientific format

Thanks a lot for ur reply.... I read about DecimalFormat. But I have a questions about it. If I don't know the amount of fraction and integer digits that my double is going to have, How can I decide on a pattern. It just can be any number. Please tell me what should I use as the pattern, if I want ...

30. How to format a double property

31. Re: How to format double values

32. Re: How to format double values

33. format double value

34. Format double

35. format a double

37. format double

38. Formatting double via Formatter, how to eliminate padding zeros

Hi all, I would like to format doubles to show at most 5 significant digits (the decimal location doesn't matter). I'm using the formatter.format(%.5g, new Object[] {doubleValue}); Is there an option/flag to eliminate padding zeros (1.2300 ==> 1.23)? Is there a better class/method to format the numbers as desired? Thanks very much, Ef

39. double to time format

Hello Guys... I'm using a HP API to have access to a program, and I have a method that returns a time but in double format. I would like to know if it is possible to convert this double format into a Time format (HHH:mm). The program that I use (Service Desk) print the value in this format, but when I ...

40. Numerical format for doubles

42. "double" data format.