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1. adding a string to another string turning to a double or char then calculating result

basically,i want to make a simple calculator I want to take a string input from the keyboard, so if its a number or '.' it will add it to the String and ...

2. Why adding these two double does not give correct answer?

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Retain precision with Doubles in java
import static java.lang.System.out;
public class q2{  
    public static void main(String args[]){  

3. Java doubles adding strangely (and no, it's not for money)

So this is the only relevant section of the code

System.out.println("first term of " + firstTerm +

4. Adding two Double.NEGATIVE_INFINTIY objects in Java

Have a look at this snippet in Java:

double alpha = alphaFactors.get(0, q);
double beta = betaFactors.get(0, q);
if ((alpha + beta) > Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY) {
    initialDistributionStripe.put(new IntWritable(q),

5. adding double

6. How to add two double values

Also, you might want to read up on the strictfp keyword that was added around the JDK 1.3 (I think). I'm not sure this will solve your problem...I'm pretty sure use of that keyword only guarantees that all calculations will result in the same value regardless of the platform your classes happen to be running on. There's been a lot of ...

7. Problem while Adding Doubles

We are using Java JDK 1.4.2_03. In our application we are adding a bunch of doubles. What is happening is that when we add two doubles say 0.02 + 0.03 the output comes as 0.05000001 instead of 0.05. We tried with floats as well but still face this issue. We cannot round off or truncate the values. I am attaching a ...

8. adding a Double value to a list

9. Adding Double Quotes to My String

In the following code I need Double Quotes included with the path string. I have tried several things but can not get anythig to work. Statement drawingChangeSTMT = connection.createStatement(); String drawingChangesql = "insert into webprddt6.drawmext3(recseq, dmdrawno, chngtype, prevchng, crntchng, jobno1, dmcust, cobyfn, cobyln, codate, dtmoved, seatcls, dcnsize, dwgshts, signhist, queloc, relflag, canflag, sopryrty, prtsdisp, page1def, page1path) Values('" + nextRecordIndex + "','" ...

10. Issue adding double value

Thanks what I was trying to do was importing a file. The header had a total which was giving the value 2098700.03 which will be compared against the total of the relevant filed(of Numeric(5,2)) which is a double in the body which can be from upto a total of 50000 rows. This total also represented as a double was returning as ...

11. problem while adding 2 numbers (double)

Hi, I have developed the a small program to calculate the addition of 2 numbers which are double. There seems to be some problem with the output specifically for the following 2 numbers 10.4 and 19.05. The output which I get after adding these two numbers is 29.450000000000003. In case I add 10.4 and 29.05, I get the output as 39.45. ...

13. problme while adding double numbers.

14. how to add things..sry abt double posting..noticed an error

// the following will require an if condition to determine the type of tax. input = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Does this item have tax? \n 1. No tax \n 2. GST only \n 3. GST & PST"); String output4 = ""; int num = Integer.parseInt (input); if (num == 1) { } else if (num == 2) { output4 = "\t G"; double ...

15. adding double values

16. How to add two double values?

17. Adding doubles problem

Hi, I just got a small problem. I am trying to retrieve a number from a text field. and add 0.20 to it every time I click on a button. This is the code I have for the button: if (event.getSource() == twentycButton) { String pf = paymentField.getText(); pf = pf + 0.20; double pfd1 = Double.parseDouble(pf); String pfs1 = Double.toString(pfd1); ...

18. add a group of number in double

I have a for and get a few input value , and every text input 's size is 8 then when the form submit get the total so I have a_total = Double.valueOf(FormateData(field_one)).doubleValue() + Double.valueOf(FormateData(field2)).doubleValue() + Double.valueOf(FormateData(field three)).doubleValue() + Double.valueOf(FormateData(field 4)).doubleValue(); then if the total is lest then 7 digit it work fine , when it over 8 digits then the ...