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1. How to identified given string is double byte characterset using java?

I want to Identify given string is double byte character set or not, using java? Thanks

2. Java - Convert byte[] to double[] and vice versa

I am working on something involves reading audio data. I need to convert the audio data byte[] to double[] (and vice versa). I need the conversion to pass the signal through a ...

3. java convert GB, Mb, KB, and byte to double with precision

Im downloading files in various sizes and like to
show user friendly output regarding the file size. I have tried this:

double line= (totalBytes/(1024*1024));
DecimalFormat dec = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
String result = dec.format(line);
result = result.concat("MB");
That only ...

5. bytes to double

I have a byte[]; these bytes represent audio samples with tipically 8 or 16 bits per samples and big or little endian order. How can I get the original double (float) values of the samples? I am a beginner in Java so I posted this here. I hope it's the right section!

6. to find out whether String is of Single byte or Double bytes is an InputStream, not a reader, so it returns bytes not characters. Whatever character encoding it uses depends on the console. It would be hard to determine for sure whether the input is from a single byte or double byte or generally multibyte character set, just from examining's input, because for all you know the input doesn't even represent ...

7. Convert a 2-byte and 4-byte interger pair into a Double

// 138 369098752 600 // 29069 379652669 4820.13 // 129 0 1 public static void main(String[] args) { short i1 = 138; String s1 = (Integer.toString( i1-128, 2)); // -128 to remove sign bit int i2 = 369098752; double d = 0.0000000000000000000; String s2 = Integer.toString ( i2, 2); System.out.println ( "i1 :" + i1 + " " + s1 + ...