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1. Java Text Box Validation Using Double.parseDouble()

I have a Swing JTextBox that basically will hold a double. I find that using:

will throw an exception (and thus program is terminated) whenever Double.parseDouble() gets ...

2. Whats the difference between Double.valueOf(String s) and Double.ParseDouble(String s)?

As I understand the doc, ParseDouble function made something like :

 Double parseDouble(String s) throws ... {       
      return new ...

3. How to disable auto-converting to exponential expression when using Double.parseDouble()?

When I run the following program:

System.out.println(Double.parseDouble("99999999999999") + 1);
I got: 1.0E14 How can I disable the auto-conversion so that I get 100000000000000.0 ?

4. Passing long to Double.parseDouble

When I pass in a number like 100L to Double.parseDouble() I get a NumberFormatException. But 100L is a valid number. EDIT: I do not get any error is if pass 100d or ...

5. Double.valueOf(s) vs. Double.parseDouble

Casting an Object to a double and noticed both these methods. I see that parseDouble has been in since 1.2. Why add this method if it essentially does the same functionality ...

6. Which is more efficient Object class casting or Double.parseDouble(String)

A block of code similar to this sparked some debate on to which part of the code was most efficient or if there was a more correct way to do this. ...

7. what is the purpose of double.parsedouble?

Here it is parseDouble public static double parseDouble(String s) throws NumberFormatException Returns a new double initialized to the value represented by the specified String, as performed by the valueOf method of ...

9. Double.parseDouble Help

which line has the error? [edit] Double.parseDouble is a METHOD. the correct syntax to call it is Double.parseDouble(someString) it doesn't look like you are enclosing what you want to pass to it in parens - they are required. if that then gives you 27 other errors, then you have other errors in your code that also need to be fixed. the ...

10. double.parseDouble() - Exception

11. Double.parseDouble

what mate ? i'm d/ling data frmo yahoo , i get a line like this : "CSCO",30.20,"8/17/2007","3:19pm",+0.90,29.98,30.46,29.56,64803408 and trying to set the volume filed which should hold : 64803408 it's double because sometimes i need it to be . but when i try to Double.parsedouble(string s) it returns 6.9232952E7 whcih is useless for me .. any idea how can i hold ...

12. Double.parseDouble

To get back to my approach:Maybe (impropably) you?re using some JDK version older than JDK 1.2 (You would recognize it on using a cane and coughing at every step it takes, still scolding the young generation that uses methods like Double.parseDouble(String) which our parents would have soaped our mouths out for using something like that).

14. Double.parseDouble returning 2.0E7

15. Double.parseDouble

parseDouble returns a double, it does not change the String given froma String to a double. You need to store that result (return value) in a new double variable and perform your calculation with that. Edit: Man I'm slow. (I had to check that parseDouble returned a double and not a Double. I wasn't 100% sure, as I'm a little daft ...

16. Double.parseDouble question

Dollar signs, comma separators, etc. are part of the presentation of data, not part of the data itself. If the data is a number, then store it as a number, don't pollute it with presentation formatting. Add the formatting to the view when you display the data, don't add it to the data directly..

17. Double.parseDouble help?

I may have misunderstood the OP, but I interpreted it as taking a string representation of a decimal as input, converting it to a numeric type, but retaining the formatting of the input string. Presumably this would be to allow the input number to be used in operations (otherwise what's the point, you could just return the original string). E.g, supposing ...

18. Double.parseDouble