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1. How to write annotations using multiple enum types?

I'm attempting to write some annotations to help associatate test case methods with various metadata. My annotations so far include BugFix, UseCase, and Requirement. My end goal is to ...

2. Enums and Annotations

I want to use an Annotation in compile-safe form. To pass the value() to the Annotation i want to use the String representation of an enum. Is there a way ...

3. Assigning an @Annotation enum a value

I created

enum Restrictions{

  public ...

4. How to capture an Enum from an AnnotationValue in an Annotation Processor

I am trying to read the value of an enum in an annotation using an annotation processor and annotation mirror, but I am getting back null. I think this has to ...

5. Typesafe enum in Java

Not sure whether the title is misleading, but requirement is below. I need to use a string value as input to a custom annotation. When use an enum ...

6. Java String validation using enum values and annotation

I want to validate a string against a set of values using annotation. What i want is basically this

String dataType;

int maxValue;
int minValue;
int precision;
@ValidateString(values={"String","Boolean", "Integer"})
String dataType;

int maxValue;
int minValue;
int precision;
I also want to do ...

7. Enum default value for Java enum annotation value

Java allows enum as values for annotation values. How can I define a kind of generic default enum value for an enum annotation value? I have considered the following, but it won't ...

8. CodeModel - How to define annotations with an enum value?

It seems that the java code generator framework CodeModel is not capable of creating annotations which only contain an enum value without a name - unfortunately a very common pattern (which ...

9. Enum with annotations

public static void main(String args[]){ try{ String field = Numbers.ONE.toString(); System.out.println("the final value is:::"+Numbers.THREE.getValue()); }catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } Here in the Main class i need to get the nuericValue "3" as supposed to "THREE", hence i tried with Numbers.THREE.getValue() which is returning "0". If i use Numbers.THREE.toString() i will get the "THREE" which i dont need . I need to ...

10. Enum inside annotation