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1. Compare Java enum values

Is there a way to check if an enum value is 'greater/equal' to another value? I want to check if an error level is 'error or above'.

2. Check if enum exists in Java

Is there anyway to check if an enum exists by comparing it to a given string? I can't seem to find any such function. I could just try to use the ...

3. Comparing Java enum members: == or equals()?

I know that Java enums are compiled to classes with private constructors and a bunch of public static members. When comparing two members of a given enum, I've always used .equals(), ...

4. The best way to compare enums

I have an enum, for example enum Color { Red, Brown }. I also have some variables of that type:

Color c1 = Brown, c2 = Red
What is best way to ...

5. How to compare to abstract enums?

I'm working on a searching / organizational algorithm. I use multiple enum's to define every piece of data that I would want to organize. For example:

enum CarType implements SearchFactor {

6. How to use Enum for Range Comparison

I would like to know how to use Enums in this case: I have to make a range comparison and I think Enums might be helpful here but not sure how to implement it. I want something like this (functionally): Enum STATUS{ STATUS1 (10,20), STATUS2 (20,30) } while in the program i need a call as this: int value = STATUS(12).getStatus(); ...

7. comparing two enum types

8. compare enums

9. Best way to compare string param to enum list to perform correct action

I've got an enum list of values: public static enum ValidRptSizeValues { INVOICE("invoice"), NATIVE_ALLOC("nativeAll"), CONVERTED("converted"), CONVERT_ALLOC("convertAll"), CONVERT_USED("convertUsed"); String reportCalcSource; ValidRptSizeValues(String rptCalcSource){ this.reportCalcSource = rptCalcSource; } } I've got an inbound parameter that I want to compare with these valid values and perform a specific action based on what it is. I've not found a good example of how to do this ...

10. comparing enum types with String

11. Enum comparison

I think I'm gonna have a problem delivering a short compilable code fragment for you as there is too many classes relying on each other and I can't translate all that code to english. Don't you have any ideas to comparing Enum? I'we read around a bit and they say (they say alot don't they) Enum is almost like int and ...