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1. Java - Convert String to enum

Say I have an enum which is just

public enum Blah {
  A, B , C, D
and I would like to find the enum value of a string of for example ...

2. Convert from enum ordinal to enum type

I've an enum type: ReportTypeEnum that get passed between methods in all my classes but I then need to pass this on the URL so I use the ordinal method to ...

3. Convert a String to an Enum?

Hi I'm having trouble trying to generalize a function I've written for an specific enum:

public static enum InstrumentType {
    SPOT {

4. How can I convert from a value to an enum?

I have an enum that looks a little bit like this:

public enum Numbers {
  ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3);

  public final int num;

  public Numbers(int num) {

5. How to convert my state machine to java?

Here is the normal way I would do things in C++:

class object

6. How do I convert String to enum for at switch statement?

I have this code where I want to accept command line args fx "12 EUR" to do a conversion:

public class Main {


7. Convert String to equivalent Enum value

Is it possible for me to convert a String to an equivalent value in an Enumeration, using Java. I can of course do this with a large if-else statement, but I would ...

8. Converting a string to the Enum class

Disclaimer: I am not going to say that I am the most experienced Java person. There could be easier ways to do what I have in my examples. But this is ...

9. Convert String to Enum?

Possible Duplicate:
Java - Convert String to enum
I have a method that uses an enum:
And I want to nest this within a class that receives ...

10. Query on conversion between String to Enum type

public StringBuffer uniqueRandomAlphabet() { String currentAlphabet="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; StringBuffer randomAlphabetSB = new StringBuffer(); for (int numberOfAlphabet=26; numberOfAlphabet>0; numberOfAlphabet--) { int character=(int)(Math.random()* numberOfAlphabet); String characterPicked = currentAlphabet.substring(character, character+1); // System.out.println(characterPicked); randomAlphabetSB.append(characterPicked); StringBuffer remainingAlphabet = new StringBuffer( currentAlphabet.length() ); remainingAlphabet.setLength( currentAlphabet.length() ); int current = 0; for (int currentAlphabetIndex = 0; currentAlphabetIndex < currentAlphabet.length(); currentAlphabetIndex++) { char cur = currentAlphabet.charAt(currentAlphabetIndex); if (cur != characterPicked.charAt(0)) remainingAlphabet.setCharAt( ...

11. convert short to an enum