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1. EnumSet for pre-1.5 fake enums?    stackoverflow.com

Recently I've been doing a lot of these

enum Thing {

    /* etc etc */

    static final Set<Thing> allThings = EnumSet.allOf(Thing.class);

I want something similar in pre ...

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I'm porting some old code that uses the int enum pattern to Enum and EnumSet. It is very easy but I don't know how translate the following code to ...

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I looked under the hood for EnumSet.allOf and it looks very efficient, especially for enums with less than 64 values. Basically all sets share the single array of all possible enum values ...

4. How can I mimic a multi-tiered menuing system using Java enums?    stackoverflow.com

I need to accomplish the following (this is a simplified version):

enum Animals{
 enum Cats{tabby("some value"), siamese("some value")},
 enum Dogs{poodle("some value"), dachsund("some value")},
 enum Birds{canary("some value"), parrot("some value")}

 private String someValue ...

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I maintain a large document archive and I often use bit fields to record the status of my documents during processing or when validating them. My legacy code simply uses static ...

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Im using java enums to define how to render a modal window with buttons (Vaadin handles the rendering). My problem is that when I run the gui my buttons comes in ...