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1. Java: Enum parameter in method

I have a method lets say:

private static String drawCellValue(
    int maxCellLength, String cellValue, String align) { }
and as you can notice, I have a parameter called align. Inside ...

2. Java: `enum` vs `String` as Parameters

I've been reading through the details of the System libraries set and get methods yet the parameters are usually Strings. Would you consider the use of String as parameters bad practise since ...

3. Passing an enum as a parameter in a method?

Hey, I have an abstract class Medium, where one of the datamembers is an enum.

private Taal talenOndertiteling[];

public enum Taal {
public Taal[] getTalenOndertiteling() {

4. Using a supertype parameter of specific enum classes

I have two parser classes, and I want to throw an exception when parsing fails. I want to use the same exception, ParserException, which I'd like could accept the field name which ...

5. Should i pass an enum as a parameter or pass its literal value

i was thinking along the line when design some interfaces and classes whether i should be passing enum as a parameter or its literal value. At this juncture, i am all ...

6. enum parameter in method declaration

7. Enum type parameter to a method

8. Help passing enum as method parameter

Glad I could help. Enums are about my favorite language addition to Java 5 because they make dealing with sets of constants so much clearer. If you use enums like that a few times, it'll stick with you. Another feature of enums is that the enum class can be declared abstract, and each enum constant can then implement the abstract methods ...