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1. How to define properties for Enum items

i have read the following on Java enum but still confused. i would like the following:

public enum Checker {
    EMPTY ("Empty"),
    RED ("Red"),

2. How can I bind a property (e.g. an Enum) to a component property of a different type (e.g. an image for each Enum)?

I have inherited a project that uses JGoodies Binding to connect the domain model to the GUI. However, there are some inconsistencies that I have found which also cause some bugs. In ...

3. Java Enum property best practice

I've seen two approaches to handling enums with properties. Is one better than the other? As a property:

public enum SEARCH_ENGINE {


4. enum details required? using properties

Just a couple of simple statements that CERTAINLY dont tell the WHOLE story but they might help you develop an understanding.... enums give us a way to define a limited set of values to use for any purpose that we might have. When a specific enum is used ONLY one of the SPECIFIED VALUES can be put into that variable. It ...

5. add property of type enum to class

6. Getting feilds in place of enum properties through jar.

Hello I am faced a very strange problem in my code.I made a serializable class,a few public fields in it and a public enum. Now i pack the class in a jar and deploy it.When i try to access the properties of the enum,i get the feilds!! Can anyone please help me find the reason to it? Thanks and Regards Mansi ...