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1. Java Enums and Switch Statements - the default case?

For people suggesting throwing an exception:
Throwing an exception doesn't give me a compile-time error, it gives me a runtime error. I know I can throw an exception, I'd rather die ...

2. Switch Statement for Enum Value Representations in Java

I'm very familiar with using Enums in other languages, but I'm having some difficulty in Java with a particular use. The Sun documentation for Enums boldly states:

"Java programming language ...

3. Java enum and if statement, is there a better way to do this?

I have an java Enum class, and at runtime I will read in a value from command line, and I want to correspond this value to a value in my Enum ...

4. Multiple If-else or enum - which one is preferable and why?

Here is the original code:

public class FruitGrower {
    public void growAFruit(String type) {
        if ("wtrmln".equals(type)) {

5. Java Switch Statement to manipulate Enum case

I have the following segment of a java file:

Integer x; Integer y; Face facing;

enum Rotate { Clockwise, Anticlockwise };

enum Face { East, North, West, South };
and am having trouble figuring out ...

6. Java switch case statement issue

I'm trying to use a switch statement in Android aplication,where I have to check if an integer is equal to some of the Enum's value.The code goes like this :


7. refactoring and removing 'for' statements when circling over many enum structures

My class have an Enum as attribute. It uses a String to set this attr. There are many Enum classes. How can I refactor it?

public void setType(String s) {  

for (MyEnum1 e : ...

8. Java using enum with switch statement

I've looked at various Q&As on SO similar to this question but haven't found a solution. What I have is an enum which represents different ways to view a TV Guide... In the ...

9. Java Enum on a switch statement

I have this piece of code right here , I really don't get it why is that there is a "this" keyword in the switch statement, take a look at this ...

10. Enum confusion! Logical or in an if statement

11. Help with Switch statements using Enums?

Right, what youve suggested there is really good, whilst just thought about it. Im going to try your suggestion out tomorrow as it is very late in my country. Once i feel thats what im looking for im going to award you duke stars for your effort. Thanks for your reply and contribution. All the best. And i'll probably need to ...

12. enums & switch statements

13. switch statement with println() for enum