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I want to store some user preferences Would Enum be a good datastructure to store them? If so, how do I do it? This is the final usage of the ...

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I have an Enum defined which contains method return type like "String",Float,List,Double etc. I will be using it in switch case statements. For example my enum is

public enum MethodType {

3. Switch on enum in JNI?    stackoverflow.com


enum Foo
What is the JNI equivalent for the following code?
Foo foo = ...;
int value;
switch (foo)
  case FIRST:
    value = 1;

4. Why is default required for a switch on an enum in this code?    stackoverflow.com

Normally, default is not necessary in a switch statement. However, in the following situation the code successfully compiles only when I uncomment the default statement. Can anybody explain why?

public enum XYZ ...

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Can we use enum inside a switch?

public enum Color {


 public class Use {
  Color c = Color.BLUE;

  public void test(){

7. Switch over enum in freemarker    stackoverflow.com

I thought that switching over an enum would be something very basic in FreeMarker, so that I could write something like:

<!-- Doesn't work -->
<#switch gender>
    <#case MALE>

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enum type {WD, AGGT, ACCT}
public type empType

public void salary(int choice, int hours_Worked)

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I am trying to figure out how to use enum values in a switch as cases. I am a little confused as I thought I had to prefix or qualify the enum value with the enum type. Here is an example I found from Joshua Bloch in 2003 (http://java.sun.com/features/2003/05/bloch_qa.html) which is rather old so I didn't necessarily expect it to work ...

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OR... I could change the Enum, and return intx, by checking if the string is "int". I could check before the valueOf, or during the exception, but I know it's not good practice to use Exceptions in the normal execution of your code... as it's not really an exception. public enum MyEnum { foo, bar, intx, novalue; public static MyEnum stringValue(String ...

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Man iam certain of the version man everything that was added to java 5 is working properly on the JDeveloper "tool" and since the tool is user friendly, when the program produces an exception or an error it appears in the log section. Now when the exception is thrown ; the exception appears as a link to know which line in ...

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The second case strikes me as being more efficient, because I believe that the compiler is smart enough to handle the enumeration as a packed integer range and compile down to jump table, whereas the first case the code must plough through the sequence of if/else tests. Is this actually the case? Could the second example be faster than the first ...

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why can the fully qualified name of the identifier not be used? Because the grammar specified in the Java Language Specification doesn't permit it, because of a choice made by the language designers, who are not here to answer your questions. I would guess that the reason is that it is pointless. The value can only be one of the declared ...