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For example if I have an Enum with two cases, does it make take more memory than a boolean? Languages: Java, C++

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Coming from Java background, I find C++'s enums very lame. I wanted to know how to write Java-like enums (the ones in which the enum values are objects, and can have ...

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Hi I am learning Enums in java I like to know what are the major differences of Enum in java and C++. Thanks

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Possible Duplicate:
Is it possible to define enumalpha?
Is there any equivalent of Java Enum.valueOf(string) on C++?

5. How do I replicate this C++ enum switch in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have some C++ code that looks like this:

enum {
     FOO = 0x01,
     BAR = 0x09;

switch (baz) {
     case ...

6. can we have C++ type enum in java?    stackoverflow.com

hi in C++ we can have enum of follwoing type:

enum e_acomany {    Audi=4,     BMW=5,      Cadillac=11,    Ford=44, ...