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1. How can I find out what enums are defined by a class?

I know I can get the public static members of a class by doing something like: obj.getClass().getFields() but this doesn't get me the enums. I'd like to be able to get them ...

2. A question about enums defined inside a class in java

This code is taken from a SCJP practice test:

 3. public class Bridge { 
 4.   public enum Suits { 
 5.     CLUBS(20), DIAMONDS(20), HEARTS(30), ...

3. Enum declared outside class scope

I went to this interview for a software developer position and they gave me a test with some corner-case-code situations, with usually 4 options to choose.
One of the questions had ...

4. Java class card enum example. REVISED

*Any help is much appreciated * I am using the class card example from java website to try to build a game. I want to assign the suits and ranks values. ...

5. Java Enum List from Class

How do I go from a Class object to a list of enums generically? i.e.

public static <T extends Enum> List<T> getList(Class<T> clazz)
I cant find a way to get to the values() method ...

6. Class for representing a card in Java?

I'm making a blackjack program in Java, and I was starting to write the class declaration for an object Card. Will this be sufficient, or are there some methods I should ...

7. Strange behavior of EnumMap with keys from different classloaders

I encountered strange behavior of enum type loaded by different class loader. In common library I have enum definition (similar to the following):

enum MyEnumType { VAL_1, VAL_2, VAL_3 };
I have first ...

8. using enum in a class?

public Car{

public enum Color{RED,BLUE};
private Color color;

Car(Car.Color c)
this.color =c


is it the correct way?

9. Cheking if a class is java.lang.Enum

I'm trying to know if a class is an Enum, but I think I'm missing something:

if (test.MyEnum.class instanceof Enum<?>.class)
 obj = resultWrapper.getEnum(i, test.MyEnum.class);
 obj = resultWrapper.getObject(i);
It gives me an error ...

10. What is the purpose of Enum class which was introduced in Java 5?

My suggestions: 1) either enums exist only before compilation (like generics; but I've never heard anything about it whilst it's written everywhere that generics are being erased after compilation) 2) or Enum is ...

11. enum vs. class loaders

Sometimes you may even not know that the environment you plug you code in has more than one class loader. May I still expect that operation "==" will work on enum ...

12. Using enums in Java across multiple classes

I have the following class:

public class Card 
    public enum Suit 

13. enum in separate class

Is there anyway to put this test in a separate class? I tried but was unsuccessful.

public class TrafficLightprj 
    public enum TrafficLight 
    {  ...

14. Is it possible to iterate through several enum classes?

I have three enum classes. I want to somehow put these in an array, loop through the array and call the same method in each enum class. Is this possible in ...

15. How to Javadoc a Class's Individual Enums

I am writing the javadoc for a class that contains it's own enums. Is there a way to generate javadoc for the individual enums? For example, right now I have something ...

16. Is it better to use class.isEnum() or instanceof Enum?

I have an object. I want to check to see if it is of type enum. There are two ways to do this.

object instanceof Enum
Is one better?

17. Java- How do I gather classes by using enum?

Let's assume that I have lots of implementations of matrices (Which don't extend from one to another) and I want the user to be able to see all the different classes, ...

18. Enum withinInner Class

I am intermediate user of Java language. I have this interesting question (atleast for me), why isn't it possible to declare an enum within an inner class.. for ex: public class MyClass{ class MyInner{ enum MyEnum {} // Error unable to declare member level enum. } } I assume, that it is because of the fact that Enum in java is ...

19. Enum class question

20. Can a enum class be dynmaically created

It would not make much sense to dynamically create an enum, because all the other code in your program, which would use the enum, would not know in advance what values the enum has. So, for this kind of purpose, an enum is not the right solution. An enum is really only suited when you have a fixed set of values. ...

21. Enums and diffrent classes

22. Related to Enum const specific class body

enum EnumPract { ACCESS(99.44)//outer enum member1 { public void show() { System.out.print("class body"); }}, ACCESSAnother(45.89){ };//outer enum member2 enum EnumPractNested{ //nested enum in outer enum EnumPract A(12){ //nested enum member public void showNested() { System.out.println("Nested Class Body");} }; EnumPractNested (int x)//constructed for nested enum { System.out.print("nested"+x); } }// nested enum closed EnumPract() { } EnumPract(double f){ //EnumPract constructor....... System.out.println(f); } public ...

23. enum within a class

can we declare enum within a class............. like public class EnumTypeDeclarations { public void foo() { enum SimpleMeal { BREAKFAST,LUNCH,DINNER } } } I have seen this question somewhere in mock test of scjp1.6(not known where) but i am really confused about of now i have seen enum is declared as seperate from class...... could you please tell whther its ...

24. Java Classes VS enums

Hi All, Enums in Java are now defined as special case/implementation for type CLASS. 1.5 Onwards Java empowered enums with some real good features to make it more meaningful and flexible .. but doing so one thing was seen that it enum became more or less CLASS construct... All things which are possible in Enum are more or less found to ...

25. Class enum expected

I'm having trouble getting this code to run. I have tried lots of things and there is something that I just don't see. If anyone out there can point out why everything past line 22 (except for comments) gets the dreaded red squigglies, I would appreciate it. I'm very new to Java (my first program), so small words would be appreciated ...

26. how to use this enum class

how to use this enum class new in java, could someone tell me how to use this class in another java class: (calling this class from another class main method) /** * Java 5 enumeration of HTTP status codes. * *

The HTTP status code series can be retrieved via {@link #series()}. * * @author Arjen Poutsma * @see ...

27. Accessing an enum declared within a class

28. enums used by several classes

29. Two enum classes to one.

30. Enum class

Hi Thank you fore the answer, but my java knowledge is not that good so don't understand it really. But what I mean by dynamically is that when I through the GUI select let say Velocity and convert e.i. km to Nautical Mile. The Enum class will have a name NewEnumVelo. The input string lokks like this ["NewEnumVelo", KMNM] Then I ...

31. what is the advantage of enum rather than class?

First off, enums are classes. In particular, they all extend java.lang.Enum Second, enums allow you to define a finite set of valid values for a type. If you were to do it with a normal class, you would have to implement the "typesafe enum" pattern, which still had a few holes in it. By using the enum keyword, you offload the ...

32. Differenc between Class and Enum

I've used them. The advantage of a named local class over an anonymous one is that they can define their own methods that can be accessed from the method in which it's defined, rather than just the methods of an existing interface. One use might be when you need some kind of accumulator. For example if you want to get the ...

33. Getting concrete class from an ENUM

34. Passing general "enum" "class" "thing" :-(

35. Help with using enums from another class.

I have a class Card and a class deck. Within deck, i tried doing: private ArrayList deck = new ArrayList(); for (Suit suit : Suit.values()) for (Rank rank : Rank.values()) deck.add(new Card(rank, suit)); but got "Cannot find symbol - class Suit" from the compiler. The enums suit and rank are public, why isn't this working?

36. multiple enums in 1 enum class

Work, you darn code tags! [CODE] public class NFile{ public enum MS{ WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK; } public enum Web{ HTML, PHP, XML, ASP, CHM, JS; } public enum Image{ BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF; } } [/CODE] NFile is not an enum itself -- what are it's enumerated elements? Now, as written, NFile is just being used as a namespace. ...

37. Enum class

38. How do I create a proper Enum class?

39. Enum classes are never getting garbage collected

As far as I understand Enum class have static field in them and since none of my class are not refrering them at a class level n since they are refereed at the method label they should be GC'ed....................... I am not worried about memory on heap size... if object doesnot get GC'ed then classes of those objects stay on permgen ...