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1. Java: how come this does not compile?

How come this code doesnt compile?

class A
  class B
    public enum Enum   <-- this line

2. Simple way to define an enum at runtime (or compile time by some middleware)

is there a way to define an enum set of constants by loading and parsing the data from a script file (maybe an XML or a JSON file)? I ask this because ...

3. Why this enum doesn't compile?

Why this enum doesn't compile?

public enum Ackr implements Cloneable{

    public <Ackr extends Cloneable> Ackr getInstance(){
        return INSTANCE; ...

4. What does Java compile an enumeration down to?

A coworker and I had a discussion about how Java represents enumerations. I was under the impression they were strictly ints like C/C++. Or, if you add behavior (Type-Safe enum), it ...

5. Why doesn't this Java enum code compile?

enum itProfs {  
    private int sal;
    DEVELOPER(30), ANALYST(20); 
    itProfs(int sal){
        this.sal = ...

6. Enum example from Java Language Specification does not compile.

This code, cut and paste from the JLS does not compile. The code is at the end of The error I get from 1.6_0.21 is: cannot find symbol symbol : method eval(double,double) location: class Operation System.out.println(x + " " + op + " " + y + " = " + op.eval(x, y)); What's wrong? Thanks, Steve ------------------------------------------ public ...