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It is possible to add and remove elements from an enum in Java at runtime? For example, could I read in the labels and constructor arguments of an enum from a file?

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What is the maximum number of elements allowed in an enum in Java? I wanted to find out the maximum number of cases in a switch statement. Since the largest primitive type ...

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I have an enum class with the cardinal directions(North, East, South, West):

public enum Direction {
Is ...

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Possible Duplicate:
Maximum number of enum elements in Java
I have short question, What is maximum number of element in enum in java specification.

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Say you have an enum with some elements

public enum LightColor {
And would like to randomly pick any color from it. I put colors into a
public List<LightColor> lightColorChoices ...

7. Getting a random element from an Enum    coderanch.com

Hi, What I am trying to do is get a random element out of an enum, the array equivalent is: int i = (int)(Math.random() * 10); String s = array[i]; I found enum has an ordinal() function that returns its position in its enum declaration, but I can't figure out how to get an object out using the position. The best ...

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You can't have whitespace in any name in Java and that includes enums. It seems like you want to do some kind of alignment of your enum names in printed output. In that case you should definitely not tweak the enum value names, but rather change the way you print them. It's very easy to print something with a minimum width ...

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Hello, I need to create an enum with the following characteristics: 1. Each element of the enum must be declared in its own file. 2. Each element of the enum must povide three methods: method1(), method2(), method3() (the implementation is particular to the enum element). I know how to do this creating my own enum-like construct. Is there some way to ...

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I'm certainly not adverse to checking ahead as you suggest, but as far as I can tell from the API, I'd have to do essentially the same thing as I originally posted, i.e. sequentially search the enum for an element whose name matches my value. Yup. You could call Arrays.asList, and then call list.contains. Slightly simpler, more compact code than a ...