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1. Is there an open source java enum of ISO 3166-1 country codes    stackoverflow.com

Does anyone know of a freely available java 1.5 package that provides a list of ISO 3166-1 country codes as a enum or EnumMap? Specifically I need the "ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 ...

2. What is the best way to use JavaDoc to document a Java enum?    stackoverflow.com

I've just started using Java's enums in my own projects (I have to use JDK 1.4 at work) and I am confused as to the best practice of using JavaDoc for ...

3. How should I implement a dropdown box which contains a list of items which need to be shown in different languages?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to design a form which contains a dropdown box containing a list of grocery item choices. What criteria should I look at when trying to decide on whether ...

4. Strange java enum bug    stackoverflow.com

I have a really strange enum bug in Java.

for(Answer ans : assessmentResult.getAnswersAsList()) { //originally stored in a table
    //AnswerStatus stat = ans.getStatus();
    if (ans.getStatus() == ...

5. Persisting data suited for enums    stackoverflow.com

Most projects have some sort of data that are essentially static between releases and well-suited for use as an enum, like statuses, transaction types, error codes, etc. For example's sake, I'll ...

6. Is it OK to use == on enums in Java?    stackoverflow.com

Is it OK to use == on enums in Java, or do I need to use .equals()? In my testing, == always works, but I'm not sure if I'm guaranteed ...

7. Where do you put your dictionary data?    stackoverflow.com

Let's say I have a set of Countries in my application. I expect this data to change but not very often. In other words, I do not look at this set ...

8. Question about Java enums    stackoverflow.com

I have 2 files which are interacting with each other. I wanted to define an enum to make the code more readable, but if I define it in file 1, file ...

9. Arbitrary Java enum argument    stackoverflow.com

I'm fairly new to java, and am used to enums essentially beeing nothing more than a named list of integers. Now I'm writing an implementation where a parent class has a ...

10. Java: Local Enums    stackoverflow.com

Today, I found myself coding something like this ...

public class LocalEnums {

    public LocalEnums() {

    public void foo() {

11. Java Enums can have behavior?    stackoverflow.com

In Java, an Enum can do the great things that Enums do, but can also have methods (behavior and logic). What advantage does that have over using a class using an ...

12. Does Java have a complete enum for HTTP response codes?    stackoverflow.com

I'm wondering if there is an enum type in some standard Java class library that defines symbolic constants for all of the valid HTTP response codes. It should support conversion to/from ...

13. Alternative to enum in Java 1.4    stackoverflow.com

Since Java 1.4 doesn't have enums I'm am doing something like this:

public class SomeClass {
     public static int SOME_VALUE_1 = 0;
     public static ...

14. Understanding Enums in Java    stackoverflow.com

What are java enums? How do they work? Where could I used them and how?
Can I do without using enums in an app or are they so powerful that Its ...

15. Should I be trying to create a reversible enum in Java or is there a better way?    stackoverflow.com

I seem to have faced this problem many times and I wanted to ask the community whether I am just barking up the wrong tree. Basically my question can be distilled ...

16. How can I wrap a Java enum and still iterate over it?    stackoverflow.com

How can I have an abstract enum, or some kind of base enum? In my common code I'd like a notion of an enum placeholder, MyItems, without tying myself to a concrete ...

17. enums as mini data tables    stackoverflow.com

I tend to use enums to create mini data tables all over my code. I use this pattern often. Often enough that I thought I'd ask for others opinion. I'm just ...

18. Java Enum behavior    stackoverflow.com

We have the following enumeration:

public enum ComponentTypes {


    private long componentTypeId;

    private ComponentTypes(long ...

19. How to use java.lang.Enum    stackoverflow.com

This is not a question of the new features in enum. This is not a question that waits for an answer that says enum is equivalent to class xyz extends Enum. If you ...

20. Java enum auto-increment entries?    stackoverflow.com

Does Java allow something like good ol' C or even C# in the sense that you can define an enum with fields that grow in value automatically, and start at an ...

21. Enum in Java. Advantages?    stackoverflow.com

What are some advantages of making enum in Java similar to a class, rather than just a collection of constants as in C/C++?

22. What's the best practice to "look up" Java Enums?    stackoverflow.com

We have a REST API where clients can supply parameters representing values defined on the server in Java Enums. So we can provide a descriptive error, we add this lookup method to ...

23. Java days of week calculation    stackoverflow.com

I have an Enum for Days of week (with Everyday, weekend and weekdays) as follows where each entry has an int value.

public enum DaysOfWeek {


24. Logic inside an enum    stackoverflow.com

My colleagues and I were having a discussion regarding logic in enums. My personal preference is to not have any sort of logic in Java enums (although Java provides the ability ...

25. Java enums: Gathering info from another enums    stackoverflow.com

I made a similar question a few days ago, but now I have new requirements, and new challenges =). As usual, I'm using the animal enums for didactic purposes, once ...

26. Help with enums in Java    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to have an enum change its value (from inside itself)? Maybe it's easier to understand what I mean with code:

enum Rate {

27. Java Cascading Enums?    stackoverflow.com

In my project, I have such class :

class Statut {
    String satDomain;
    String staCode;
But working with Strings is not what I want. It is too ...

28. Enum : get the keys list    stackoverflow.com

I'm not a java developer. But I'm currently taking a look at Android applications development so I'm doing a bit of nostalgy, doing some java again after not touching it for ...

29. Emacs enum indentation    stackoverflow.com

I'm having a problem with Emacs's indentation of Java enums. While it indents the first member OK, it wants to give all of the rest of the static enum members an ...

30. Enums With Default Throw Clause?    stackoverflow.com

I noticed the following in the Java Language spec in the section on enumerations here: link

switch(this) {
  case PLUS:   return x + y;
  case MINUS: ...

31. Java Enum Newbie Question    stackoverflow.com

i have a situation where i need the Checker enum below used in multiple classes:

package Sartre.Connect4;

public enum Checker {
so ...

32. Java cannot find symbol enum    stackoverflow.com

I'm modeling a chess game on Java, and I'm having some problem. Here's what the code looks like (the relevant parts): Enum class Couleur.java:

public enum Couleur {BLANC, NOIR}
Piece.java: ...

33. What about Enum    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Explain the generics used in the Enum declaration
Guys I can't get my head around this:
Enum<T extends Enum<T>>;
How on earth shall I understand this ...

34. Coding Conventions - Naming Enums    stackoverflow.com

Is there a document describing how to name enumerations? My preference is that an enum is a type. So, for instance, you have an enum

Fruit{Apple,Orange,Banana,Pear, ... }

NetworkConnectionType{LAN,Data_3g,Data_4g, ... }
I am ...

35. Doubts regarding Enum Strategy approach    stackoverflow.com

For computing Income Tax, I tried to use Enum Strategy approach to make the logic more concise. But in the end I’m not satisfied mainly because I had to write different ...

36. How to explain the answer to this java enum question?    stackoverflow.com


public enum Title {

MR("Mr."), MRS("Mrs."), MS("Ms.");

private final String title;

private Title(String t) {
    title = t;

public String format(String last, String first) {
    return title + "" ...

37. Java: anonymous enums?    stackoverflow.com

Does Java have the possibility of anonymous enums? For example, I want my class to have one variable, whose value can be one of 5 different settings. So obviously that variable should ...

38. What is wrong the Java enum definition    stackoverflow.com

I defined public enum ABC in ABC.java and then compiled it to ABC.class. In another XYZ.java, I use private ABC _abc. XYZ and ABC are in some package. But it tells cannot find symbol ...

39. Business logic in Enums?    stackoverflow.com

Is it considered good practice to put any type of business logic in Enums? Not really intense logic, but more of like convenience utility methods. For example:

public enum OrderStatus ...

40. Parent's Enum in Java    stackoverflow.com

In the code example below, I'm trying to test the value of an enum in the parent class. The error I get is "p.theEnum cannot be resolved or is not a ...

41. Are there any java Enum of european countries and languages?    stackoverflow.com

Is there any java (>5) enum for listing european countries and languages somewhere ? If there aren't any, I'll probably write them from this list : http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/european_languages.htm But if I could ...

42. Java enum best practice    stackoverflow.com

This might seem like a trivial question, but I'm a bit muddled in my thinking regarding enums.. So I have a class - let's say its called DVDPlayer - and I want ...

43. Java Enums find enum    stackoverflow.com

I've just read tutorial about enums and have one question. I've studied example:

public enum Planet {
    MERCURY (3.303e+23, 2.4397e6),
    VENUS   (4.869e+24, 6.0518e6),

44. Java String enum    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to have a enum type represent a set of strings, Example:

enum Strings{
so I can use them as Strings? Thanks

45. passing enums by ref in java    stackoverflow.com

How can i pass enum parameter by reference in java? Any solution?

46. Configurable enum in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a better pattern to implement something like this:

public static enum Foo {
    VAL1( new Bar() ),
    VAL2( new FooBar() );


47. what is Java best practice to handle enum's    stackoverflow.com

hi I know Java for a long time and recently I have been diving deep to the Java world. As an experienced c# developer I find it odd to use Java enum's. For ...

48. getClass or Enum for type-dependent behavior    stackoverflow.com

Say I have a method that handles incoming data objects. It must handle each data type differently. Given the choice of two method signatures: void sendObjects(ObjectType enum, Collection<SendableObject> objects) where enum denotes ...

49. how to set Enum from configuration    stackoverflow.com

I'm reading configuration from an xml file. I have a property called linkType in my configuration. I have equivalent enum class in my project which declares two types of link. How ...

50. How to comment enum to make checkstyle happy?    stackoverflow.com

This is the code:

 * some text.
public class Foo {
   * Some comment...
  public enum Bar {

51. java enums: conceptual doubt    stackoverflow.com

Consider the enum:

enum day{ MONDAY, TUESDAY};
What are monday, tuesday. the sun documentation says that they are fields in the special class type enum. But, if that is the case, why can ...

52. Why and what for: java enum    stackoverflow.com

Today I was browsing through some question on this site and I found mention of enum being used in singleton pattern and that there are some thread safety benefits to ...

53. how can this inner enum code be improved?    stackoverflow.com

I have this construct:

public class Constants {
 enum SystemA implements Marker {
    ConstOne(1), ConstTwo(2), ConstThree(3);
    SystemA(int i)

54. Programming using enum    stackoverflow.com

I was trying out a sample program from Java tutorials,using enum. I was not able to get a correct output for the code.I think the problem is with my understanding of ...

55. How to create enum dynamically?    stackoverflow.com

I need to create an enum based on a table from the database. DB table MyColors: id/title/value 1/Red/1 2/Green/4 dynamic create

enum MyColors {

56. Playing Cards in Java    stackoverflow.com

My question is I have to write a program in java that creates different playing cards and adequately demonstrates the methods of Playing Card. how to write equals methods for ...

57. Java: Check if enum contains a given string?    stackoverflow.com

Here's my problem...I'm looking for (if it even exists) the enum equivalent of ArrayList.contains();. Here's a sample of my code problem:

enum choices {a1, a2, b1, b2};

//do this
Now, I realize that an ...

58. How to use enums?    stackoverflow.com

I'm not sure how to use enum in Java. Am I using it right in the following example?

enum Sex {M, F};

public class person{  
    private person mom; ...

59. enum duration question    stackoverflow.com

So if we have an enum like:

  public enum light { red, yellow, green }
What would be the duration? Isn't it the time the light is a certain color? Like
int ...

60. How to use enum to define a bunch of string consts    stackoverflow.com

any example of using enum to define a bunch of string consts? The string can contains special charaters like - / etc?

61. Java - enum wildcard    stackoverflow.com

I have some problems implementing a Java feature. I have a list of Sensors. I have different kinds of them, they all extend the base class Sensor. I have some abstract functions in ...

62. java get the longest string in enum    stackoverflow.com

I would like to find the longest String within a Java Enum. What is the best way to do this? I havent been working to much with Enums so any suggestion is ...

63. Enum print question in Java    stackoverflow.com

I declared an enum Card which has a getValue method that returns an int representation with for every Card (clubs, hearts, etc.). I observed that I am unable to use the ...

64. Java Enum getDeclaringClass vs getClass    stackoverflow.com

The docs for the Java Enum class state the following about getDeclaringClass:

Returns the Class object corresponding to this enum constant's enum type. Two enum constants e1 and ...

65. Simple enum question    stackoverflow.com

how can i reverse lookup the string value if given the int value for the given enum? so if i am given an int value of 0 it should return a ...

66. Need to use Enum    stackoverflow.com

I am clear with advanced use of enum in java. Many of the points which differentiate them from regular classes and tells their need are also clear to me. Can anyone give ...

67. Quick Enum Question    stackoverflow.com

Hey guys, I have a quick question. If given a string Value how can i get the corresponding int value in my enum class? Ex: Given a string "Ordinary" I ...

68. Java String to enum    stackoverflow.com

I have this class constructor AppData(Map params, Operations operation)
where Operations is

public enum Operations 
How can I instantiate AppData with parameters constructor? for the map parameter its fine i get that from ...

69. Implementing an enum payroll with Java    stackoverflow.com

Sorry, just attempting to do a past exam question in preparation for a Java exam and was hoping someone could tell me whether or not my solution is correct. The question ...

70. Help with enum in java    stackoverflow.com

I have an enum that looks like this

public enum MyStates {

71. Alternative to the approach 'Adding items to Enumerator '?    stackoverflow.com

I have my application design where I have a set of cities and I want to add them in a Enum. Mostly for a year or so those are the cities ...

72. How to iterate through enum in java    stackoverflow.com

I have a enum for various operations, I want to iterate through the enum Operations

public enum Operations 
How can i achieve this?

73. java - an enum question    stackoverflow.com

I have encountered a weird problem in my app (java). I have an enum. Something like that

public enum myEnum implement myIntrface{
   private int i;

74. why enum could not be resolve in JAVA?    stackoverflow.com

I was using J2EE Eclipse Indigo, and I have three class declare like this:

public interface ClassA {
   public static enum TYPE { TYPE1, TYPE2 };

public inteface ClassB extends ClassA ...

75. Stopping repetition in Java enums    stackoverflow.com

I have the following enum in a Java class:

public enum Resolution {
    RES_32 (32),
    RES_64 (64);
    private final int asInt;

76. Does using an enum make an application less portable?    stackoverflow.com

I know this question sounds bizarre, but that's what my manager told me. When I proposed a new design that made use of an enum, he said, "No, ...", and then ...

77. Camel Java DSL - routing on ENUM in header - conent based router or dynamic router    stackoverflow.com

I have a bean which produces objects and sends them to a SEDA queue using the ProducerTemplate in Camel. I send a body and a header:

producerTemp.sendBodyAndHeader(document, "sourceSystem", sourceSys);
Here the header name ...

78. Using enums as a container of implementations    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently working on a project where we have to represent a set of vectors in a 3D environment. We have several different visualization implementations. I came to the idea, that ...

79. Java Enum question    stackoverflow.com

I have a java file which is solely an enum:

public enum MyEnum {
And I want to access this enum in a different file (MyClass.java). Do I use MyEnum.TWO, or ...

80. what is a better way to find the size of the enum?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Enum values().length vs private field
I want to know how which of these ways to find the size of the enum is better. this way-->
public ...

81. (How to manipulate)Poker Positioning using ENUM    stackoverflow.com

Let's say I created the following class:

public enum Position {

   Dealer(1), //1
   SB(2),     //2
   BB(3),     //3

82. Is it possible to implement a form of namespacing in Java Enums?    stackoverflow.com

In the enum below I see three three distinct classes of messages that exist within the Message enum: Form, Site and Admin. Is it possible to implement a type of namespace mechanism ...

83. Questions about enum    stackoverflow.com

If I have a Object

public class Genre {
    private int id;
    private int name;
And the id and name were been determined in advance, for example
if ...

84. How can I parameterize access to a Java enum in clojure?    stackoverflow.com

Say I have a Java enum. For example:

public enum Suits {CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES};
Normally, I can do something in clojure with that enum like so:
(defn do-something []
   (let [s ...

85. Java enum set custom ordinals    stackoverflow.com

The other day I tried to do this, but it doesn't work:

enum MyEnum {ONE = 1, TWO = 2}
much to my surprise, it doesn't compile!!! How to se custom ordinals???

86. Java 1.5 Enum: Why can't I use 'findBy' with 1.5 enums?    stackoverflow.com

Given the code below,

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;

public enum SearchDataTypes {

  FIELD_DATATYPE_DOUBLE(Double.class, "_d" ),

  SearchDataTypes(final Class<?> clazz, final String affix) ...

87. Is there a way to create an enum that can't be null?    stackoverflow.com

I've been finding several bugs in my project that are due to enums being null, instead of one of the enumerated values. Is there a way to guarantee that a variable ...

88. How to put {,},(,) in enum    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to group bunch of bracts in java enum. Can some one tell me how to do this? I tried following

enum sample{'{','}';}
enum sample{"{","}";}
enum sample{{,};}
none of them compiles.

89. Java decompiler that works with Java 5 (handles enums among other new things)    stackoverflow.com

I know this question was asked gzillions of times already, but I am specifically after a decompiler that would handle enums corrently (because the jar I am decompiling uses enums heavily). ...

90. Protocol Buffer: Enum issue    stackoverflow.com

I have the following .proto file :

enum Enum1{
message SomeClass{
    required  Enum1 enum1=1;

91. Defining an enum in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a class in Java describing a parameter (name: Param) and another class in which I declare and initialize around 100 of such parameters as:

    private static ...

92. How are enums implemented in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I'm just now realizing their power and utility over using a Constants class... but I'm very interested to know how they're implemented under the hood. They seem to work alot ...

93. Why are the compiler generated Enums in Java final?    stackoverflow.com

I truly understand that it is not able to extend any class to implement an enum, since this would mean to have multiple inheritance. But what I don't understand is, why ...

94. Enum within enum    stackoverflow.com

I want to create an enum within an enum for sql query in java. For example I want to say table.create and it would return CREATE TABLE or database.create and it ...

95. Drools: How to use an enum in the lhs of a rule?    stackoverflow.com

I am having difficulties in writing a rule which match with an enum value in its lhs. For example, if I have the following enum:

public enum EStatus {
I ...

96. Working with Enum?    stackoverflow.com

Have a bit of trouble working with enums, how do you pass a method to an enum? This is a basic overview of the code:

public enum myEnum{

97. Design Issue | Enum to represent combo box options    stackoverflow.com

I need to use an Enum with a combobox (values shown below).

YES (shown as YES on UI, stored in DB as Y)
NO (shown as NO on UI, stored in DB as ...

98. Java Enum factoring common functionalities.    coderanch.com

Hi, In my application I have many enums having same functionalites/implementation.. For e.g I want toString() of all enums to return internalized string. If inheritence is supported, I can abstract this to super class and have all enums extend. But, Java 5 doesn't support inherting Enums. Is there any good design approach for sharing functionalities across enums? Regards, Raja.

99. Anybody know how to use "enum" in Java?    coderanch.com

The following code compiles, but I don't have any documentation on how to use the "enum" structure. I cant find any info on it in my books or Sun's language documentation... class Test { enum eone { Plus { int operate(int x) { return ++x;} }, Minus { int operate(int x) { return --x;} } } public static void main (String[] ...

100. enum.hasMoreElements()    coderanch.com

hi all enum.hasMoreElements() returns false when the calling Html page has only one radio button element and user doesn't chose any value. for eg: Credit Card:
Master Card
American Express
Java SmartCard