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(sorry, new to the Sun forum thing) Thanks for such speedy replies with help There isn't any code as such, I'm just trying to get up-to-speed on 1.5. Enumerated types look great for constants such as trying to track the mode of a current process (threaded function). Normally I would have used 'public static final' - I'm assuming this is what ...

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/** * Returns the Class object corresponding to this enum constant's * enum type. Two enum constants e1 and e2 are of the * same enum type if and only if * e1.getDeclaringClass() == e2.getDeclaringClass(). * (The value returned by this method may differ from the one returned * by the {@link Object#getClass} method for enum constants with * constant-specific class ...

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Hello all, I am trying to use the Java enum to express a set of possible event types. Now I want each to have a description and a unique id. Then I wish this id to be persistent so if I remove one it does not break. So I do not use the ordinal as I presume that would pretty much ...

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Hi, I have an ENUM which does have a abstract method public enum CustomerType { private final List customerList = null; Business { @Override public Listretrieve (ICustomerService processor) { customerList = processor.processBusinessCustomer(Constants.BUSINESS); } }, Home { @Override public Listretrieve (ICustomerService processorType) { customerList = processor.processHomeCustomer(Constants.BUSINESS); } }; abstract List retrieve (ICustomerService service); The CustomerService implements ICustimerService and have ...

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Tibi wrote: i was looking for a simple extending of a template enum, without implementing the same things/methods inside each enum. where each extension only defines values. Well, since enums are basically glorified constants, you could define an immutable class with a package-private constructor and then expose only public constants and 'getter' methods for it. That way, you could extend it, ...

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