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I have a large number of Enums that implement this interface:

 * Interface for an enumeration, each element of which can be uniquely identified by it's code
public interface CodableEnum {


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Is there a way to write an enumeration that can be extended. I have several methods that I would like to alway have available for my enumerations. For example ...

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Is it possible to get the enumeration values from a Class? Let me elaborate this a bit. If I have an enum for example FooBar, then I can get the values ...

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All over our project, we have this kind of enums. They works just fine, but we are not sure about them. Specially with the getDocumentType(String) method. Is there a way to ...

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I am an almost-graduating computer science student, and throughout my coding career, I've found very few instances where enumerations, except for canonical cases such as representing the faces of a standard ...

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I am creating a java API for an addressbook Is it a good practice to use Enums in my API ? I am using it as follows:

public enum AddressType {



public class AddressBook ...

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I am attempting to find a way to force Java to load/initialize an enumerated type (which is nested within a class that contains a static Map). This is important to me because ...

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How do I get the name of a Java Enum type given its value? I have written code which works for a particular Enum type, can I make it more generic? The enum ...

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I want to improve my use of JDK 1.5 and stop using private static final String instead of enum. This is what seems to be recommended. But now my constant class looks ...

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I'm trying to figure out how to use enumerations in Java, and I don't get how to do this:

public enum animalSounds {

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I am writing an interpreter that parses an array of String and assigns each word in that file a numeric value. What I want to accomplish, is this: If the word is not ...

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I'm having trouble understanding a question. The question is: Code a statement that will make the constants in the Terms enumeration available to a class without qualification This is my code so far;

public ...

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Our firm develops primarily in Java and supports a number of "live" systems (mainly long running server processes), all reliant on shared reference data and enumerations. Occasionally an enum definition ...

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This is what I'm trying to do: Create an application that contains an enumeration that represents the days of the week. Display a list of the days, then prompt the user for ...

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I would like to implement a method that returns one or a list of allowed Action defined as enum. For example my method should be like this:

public enum getAllowedActions() {
  return ...

16. Which one of the two enum implementation is better?    stackoverflow.com

First Implementation

public enum ReviewFlowExample {

    Draft {

        public ReviewFlowExample getNext() {

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Hello. You know when one is iterating over enum values you use the value() method like in the example below (highlighted for conspicuousness) Pls can anyone tell me where the value method comes from? I checked through the Enum and the Object classes and could not find any reference to it or anything like that there, so where does it come ...