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1. Best way to define error codes/strings in Java?

I am writing a web service in Java, and I am trying to figure out the best way to define error codes and their associated error strings. I need to have ...

2. In Java switch statements on enums, why am I getting a compilation error when I qualify my values in each case?

I have a switch statement in Java, on an Enum which let us call IMyInterface.MyEnum Each of my case statements has the form: IMyInterface.MyEnum.MyValue, (though I could drop the IMyInterface if I imported). However, ...

3. Enums in java compile error

I'm trying to learn java from bottom up, and I got this great book to read . Now I found example in the book about declaring Enums inside ...

4. Java Enum not valid error

Why is this enum not valid ?

enum Type{



5. Error when implementing Enums using Actionscript 3

Ours is a Flex/Parsley/Blazeds/Spring project & I'm trying to implement java Enums in Actionscript3 and all I have to do is to send the Enum value to Spring service method. The Java ...

6. Compilation error - switch with enum

Possible Duplicate:
Why do I get an Enum constant reference cannot be qualified in a case label?
Hi, Does someone knows why when I switch over an ...

7. Error codes with variable String descriptions in Java

I would like to have error codes in my Java project, but they should have variable String descriptions. For example, I might have two BadCharacterCount errors, but I'd like to represent ...

8. "unexpected type" error when comparing enum values

Most people I've seen with this problem were using = where they needed ==. What's causing my problem here?

com\callmeyer\jopp\ unexpected type
required: class, package
found   : variable

9. switch using enum : error !

I am trying to pass an enum as an parameter to a method. I get an error in the following code : enum UserAction{ONE, TWO} class Act { public void editMe(UserAction u) { switch(u) { case ONE : { System.out.println("ONE !"); break; } case TWO : { System.out.println("TWO !"); break; } } } } public class Dummy { public static void ...

10. enum error and java version??

11. Enum error

12. enum error message help

Having said that, and combined with what I said in reply 1, you do need to have that enum definition somewhere. It could be defined in it's own file,, or it could be defined in your file, outside of the Scoreboard class, or even as a nested enum. Personally, at this point in your education, I'd recommend the simplest ...

14. Comparing enums error?

15. Enum Exception Error

I created a class that contains several enums. Each enum has a few methods that contain as part of the method signature 'throws Exception'. For some reason when I save the class using eclipse 3.2, it displays that I have 12 errors an error on line 1 that reads "Unhandled exception type Exception" -- The code runs fine without any errors ...

16. Getting error: (try -source 1.4 or lower to use 'enum' as an identifier)

Now I did some research and people were saying that if I set my class_path to my 1.4 jdk this would be elminiated. So I pointed my class_path to jdk 1.4 and my JAVA_HOME on windows to my jre1.4 but I am still getting this error when complng the project with ant. Can someone please let me know what I am ...

17. Error while using enum

18. Public Enum Compiler Error

0x00 is an int (All integer literals in Java are ints) but the c'tor takes a short Either pass ((short)0x00, "whatever") to the c'tor, or change the c'tor to use an int. If you look closely at the error message, you'll see that it's telling you that you don't have a c'tor that takes an int. You can then look at ...