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1. Get enum by its inner field

Have enum with inner fields, kind of map. Now I need to get enum by its inner field. Wrote this:

package test;

 * Test enum to test enum =)
public enum TestEnum {

2. Best way to create a Unique ID field for an enum

What is the best way to get a Unique ID from an ENUM that will stay consistent between repeated execution of the program? Currently I am doing this manually by passing an ...

3. Order of member fields in Enum

Why the order of declaration important for Java enums, I mean why does this give (compile time) errors

public enum ErrorCodes {
    public int id;
but ...

4. What are the default modifier fields for an enum type?

This is a homework question, so I'm not looking for a direct answer. I need a push in the right direction. I'm simply not understanding the question. My answer to this ...

5. Reset enum singleton field using reflection

I am using an enum singleton that looks (somewhat) like this:

public enum mySingleton{


  private static String myDrink = null;

  public String getMyDrink(boolean isWizard)

6. Getting a enum based upon one of its fields

I would like a good way to find what enum I need based upon one of its fields. With: public enum Planet { MERCURY (3.303e+23, 2.4397e6), VENUS (4.869e+24, 6.0518e6), EARTH (5.976e+24, 6.37814e6), MARS (6.421e+23, 3.3972e6), JUPITER (1.9e+27, 7.1492e7), SATURN (5.688e+26, 6.0268e7), URANUS (8.686e+25, 2.5559e7), NEPTUNE (1.024e+26, 2.4746e7); private final double mass; // in kilograms private final double radius; // in meters ...

7. Associating "shothands" to enum fields