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1. Using enum values to represent binary operators or functions

I'm looking for an elegant way to use values in a Java enum to represent operations or functions. My guess is, since this is Java, there just isn't going to be ...

2. Can I add a function to enums in Java?

I have an enum, which looks like

public enum Animal {
and I want to do something like
Animal frog = Animal.FROG;
Animal snake = ...

3. Java Enumerated Types: Functionality

Hey, I am a big fan of using Enumerated Types in Java to aid with code readability and restriction of invalid values. However, I have been told there is much ...

4. How create Parse function

I have class Errors. I have value errorCode. I need get string by errorCode. example, int number = -2;

return value #-2#The username is already in use.
public enum Errors {


5. Return enum value without calling get function

Is it possible in Java to return the enum value without having to call a function to return the value, such as getFlag() in my example? If so, how?

public enum MessageFlags ...

6. valueOf function of enum

7. Calling a different function based on an enum value

public static void main(String args[]) { factory f = new factory(); f.getAlg("CHILD1"); } public parent getAlg(String e) { if (e.equals("CHILD1")) return new child1(); else if(e.equals("CHILD2")) return new child2(); else return null; } } I think that is what I want to achieve but if there's a better way to do the same, please suggest one. Thanks again.

8. in which documentation they have specified the defualt functions of ENUM

Hi when you write an enum you get two default methods. those are value() and valueOf() . where are these coming from? in which documentation they have specified that these methods will be implemented for enum by defualt? Every enum that you write extends java.lang.ENUM but that class also does not contain values() method. where is this method comming from? which ...