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1. Proguard won't keep a class member's enums

I'm working on a library that is distributed as a java jar, and I'm running proguard on it in such a way as to only leave the required interfaces exposed. I ...

2. how to associate String to each enum member?

Assume I have some enum like that:

enum Towns { Rome, Napoli, Modena }
Now I want to associate a string for each enum member, string should be like a description so ...

3. Automatic generation of enum members from name Strings

Regards, Joe PS: I completely apologize for the appearance of the code above. I have no idea why this editor removed my indentation and added HTML markers. (I copied the code from a text editor, pasted into this editor, selected the code sections and clicked on the code button ) PPS I now see that after a couple of switches between ...

4. Enum Members