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1. one method classes with enum in java

I have an enum that looks like

public enum MyEnum
    public String myMethod(String dostuff)

2. Enum factory-style method

In my application, several different reports can be generated (CSV, HTML, etc). Instead of creating a traditional factory-style method pattern, I was planning on adding a method to the body of enum ...

3. How to modify enum passed into Java method

public class Test {
    private Result result;

    public Test(Result res){
        this.result = res;


4. Where is the documentation for the values() method on enums?

I saw a java program where I found the values() method which is called under a user defined enum. I couldn't find its api documention -- where is the documentation?

5. Java Enum types not being recognized by my methods

Currently developing a code smell detector for a uni assignment. I have made an abstract CodeSmell class, with two concrete subclasses - ClassLevelSmell and MethodLevelSmell. The CodeSmell class has a protected ...

6. How to call additional method in enums

enum Enum1
BIG(8), HUGE(10)
    public String getName()
        return "Huge";

    public ...

7. Simplify method in an Enum class in Java

I have a class that contains an Enum to do calculation. Each Enum uses some or all of the non-static variables from the outer class. However since they can't access instance variable, ...

8. Java enum method idiosyncrasies

So I have my enum

public enum Sample {
   public String getValue(){ return "A"; }   

9. Is it possible to create an empty Java enum type with methods?

I can create an empty Java enum type, but when i want to add some methods : i get a "syntax error" (into Eclipse). I found no official documentation about this, so ...

10. Can an enum have abstract methods?

Can an enum have abstract methods? If so, what is the use, and give a scenario which will illustrate this usage.

11. If you have a String and the enum doesn't have a getSomething(String str) method, how do you look up the enum value?

I need to set an enum value like so:

this.myEnum = ThirdPartyEnum.ABC;
But the value I have available to me is not in Enum form. It's just a raw string:
The ThirdPartyEnum does not have ...

12. Method to limit potential values of an Enum

Is it possible to limit the valid enum values that a method can accept. Say, for example, I have an enum like this:

public enum WEEKDAY {

13. Enum , providing getInstance() method

Hi all. Ok...tinkering with new JDK features.. Since, enum(s) should have a limited number of instances, does it make sense to provide a (Singleton'ish) getInstance method ? public enum Direction{ North('N'), South('S'), East('E'), West('W'); private final char val; private Direction (char val) { this.val = val; } public char value(){ return val; } public static Direction getInstance(char c){ Direction direction; switch(c){ ...

14. enum values() method; enum's revisited

Hey all, After reading, and posting in the earlier thread about enum types, I decided to do some experimenting. According to the Sun all enum types extend java.lang.Enum, and therefore inherit all the methods of this class. However looking at the API for this class I don't see the values() method defined anywhere. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even ...

15. Method missing in JavaDoc for Enum

Where could they document this in the JavaDoc? The values() and valueOf() methods are static methods of the enum types which you write. They don't belong in the Enum class; they belong in each and every individual Enum subclass. Sun can't possibly document code that hasn't even been written yet. Similarly, arrays have a member called "length". You won't find any ...

16. Doubt in method overriding in enum

17. Java 6 Enum API values() method

18. How to call method which was in enum class

Hi, i read K & B, i structed with this, i tried in my machine, but i didn't get, In below code how to call getLidCode() in OVERWHELMING. Please any one can help. enum CoffeeSize { BIG(8), HUGE(10), OVERWHELMING(16) { public String getLidCode() { return "A"; } }; CoffeeSize(int ounces) { this.ounces = ounces; } private int ounces; public int getOunces() ...

19. Passing an enum to & returning a value from a generalized method.

I a trying to write a generalize enum evaluator in my class of utilities but can't figure out how to pass the enum nor return the value. The calling program would have this code in it: private enum buttonPushed {Add, Change, Delete,Quit,Help, Nothing}; switch (GetButtonFunction(e), buttonPushed) The called method in my utility class would look like this. public static someType GetButtonFunction(ActionEvent ...

20. Accessor methods on enum

I'm trying to create a Poker game, starting off from the objects: public class Card { public Card (suit _suit, _card) { } public String getSuit { switch (this.suit) { case HEARTS : return "Hearts"; //I can't call HEARTS because my interpreter does not recognize suit, although it's declared as a private enum break; } } private enum suit {HEARTS, DIAMONDS, ...

21. abstract method within an enum ?

If you need this abstract method elsewhere for some reason, I believe you might accomplish the definition of the abstract method by putting it in an interface and then implementing the method once for all of the constants in your ENUM. You must still implement the method in your enum. Java will put it in the class it generates for each ...

22. Where is the values() method documented for Enum?

Yeah, the JLS isn't an everyday reference like the API should be, but when you run into questions that the API does not address the JLS often will. It may be a dry read (<- understatement) but it is a good tool for the Java developer because it lays out all of the rules your programs run by. If you understand ...

24. Unable to pass enum to a method

} The setGraphicsDriver method that fails: public void setGraphicsDriver(GRAPHICS_MODE gm) { System.out.println(gm); // debugging info // Ensure that the gm GRAPHICS_MODE is actually initialised, if not set it to OPENGL if(gm == null) { gm = GRAPHICS_MODE.OPENGL; } switch(gm) { case NULL: graphicsDriver = E_DRIVER_TYPE.EDT_NULL; break; case SOFTWARE: graphicsDriver = E_DRIVER_TYPE.EDT_SOFTWARE; break; case OPENGL: graphicsDriver = E_DRIVER_TYPE.EDT_OPENGL; break; case DX8: graphicsDriver ...

27. Using Enums to change method behaviour

I'm working on a neural network and I am considering using enums to define neuron types stored in a layer (e.g. input, output, hidden). My question is, could I define a single method, e.g. getNeuronError() which would behave differently dependent upon the type of neuron that is defined by the enum? Would this be a suitable method of achieving what I ...

28. Enum with abstract List method

The CustomerService implements ICustimerService and have methods public List processBusinessCustomer(String type) public List processHomeCustomer(String type) In the ENUM i am getting an error every where , like in the private final List customerList = null; Business { } Home { } saying syntax error in token? delete this token? What I am doing wrong here? I hope the ...