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1. How to nest an Enum inside the value of an Enum

I'd like to know if it is possible in Java to nest Enums. Here what i'd like to be able to do : Have an enum Species made of CAT and DOG wich ...

2. Using Nested Enum as Parameter in Seperate Package

New to java and have a question related to packages. I like to keep objects organized in namespaces and ran into a problem with enums that I cannot figure out. Say I have ...

3. nested enum-why is it used?

I have seen constructs with an enum declared inside an enum. What is this used for ?

4. Nesting enums in Java

I want to nest some enums. The object i'm representing are Flags, with a type, and a value. There are a discrete number of types, and each type has a distinct ...

5. Using nested enum types in Java

I have a data structure in mind that involves nested enums, such that I could do something like the following:

And if there were method declarations:
someMethod(Drink type)
someOtherMethod(DrinkTypeInterface type)
Then I could say (appropriately):
This ...

6. Nesting enums?

Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to nest enums? My problem is that I want an enum called country and then I want a nested enum within that called state/province, is this possible? so you could do a call maybe something like this: State state = Country.US.State.NY; Thanks in advance, John

7. nested enums

8. Nested Enums

Hi I am trying to get some nested enums working. My requirement is that I have a n number of groups where each group in itself has set of data like ( string, int, int). I need to first randomly choose a group and then randomly choose a set of data from that group. I tried using nested enums as given ...

9. Nesting Enums within Enums

The following code works but I would like to somehow be able to nest the FOOVariant and FOOProtAttr enumerated types within the FOOTypeMapping enum, does anyone know if this is possible? I'm not quite sure how to go about embedding those two enums Thanks in advance John public enum FOOVariant { A,B,C,D; } public enum FOOProtAttr { ATTR1, ATTR2, ATTR3; } ...

10. Nested Enums

11. Nested Enums