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1. Java ENUM problem

I have two Enums as follows:

enum Connector {
    AND, OR, XOR;

enum Component {
Now, I have a variable named follower in a class Event. This ...

2. problem in declaring enum

public enum ItemType{REFRENCE,ISSUE};
    ItemType itemType =  IntemType.ISSUE ;
    int intemNo=0;
I am geting error wheni use above code?why is it so?

3. Problem with designing class

I have a classes as below

public class Book extends Item{ ...}
public class DVD extends Item{ ...}
Book can be of type REFRENCE or ISSUE. DVD can be of type ISSUE only. So should ...

4. Enum abstraction problem

I am currently struggling with a java abstraction problem. I have something like this:

public interface State {

public interface Dynamics {
  getObservationChance(State state, Observation observation);

class SpecialState implements State {

enum SpecialObservation() {

5. Java enum valueOf problems

I have used enums in java in the past but for some reason I am getting a strange error right now. the Line of code that it is throwing the ...

6. Java's Enum.valueOf() problem

I'm trying to derive an enum value from a String, like:

Level level = Enum.valueOf(Level.class, "WARNING");
But all I get is compiler warnings like: <T>valueOf(java.lang.Class<T>,java.lang.String) in java.lang.Enum cannot be applied to (java.lang.Class<java.util.logging.Level>,java.lang.String)
I know ...

7. enum problem with multiple class loader

Since enum in java 1.5 is a reference type (obviously extends from class java.lang.Enum). Is this a problem if I try to compare two enum that is loaded from different class loader with the == operator? for example. Enum e = loadFromClassloader1(); Enum e2 = loadFromClassloader2(); System.out.println("compare::" + (e == e2)); The output is "false" because e is not the same ...

8. Enums Problem

When i am declaring enums without a class for example consider this class file. /** Specifies the modes the application can run in. */ public enum ApplicationMode { /** Application will be a standalone client - no network access. */ STANDALONE_CLIENT, /** * A networked client using Sockets. */ NETWORK_CLIENT, /** The server application. */ SERVER } It gives some error ...

9. Messy enum problem

Doesn't seem that messy to me. You talk about "wrapping the enum in a class" but that seems unnecessary - you can define the static field and method as part of the enum itself. import java.util.Map; import java.util.HashMap; public enum Type { ABC(0xF1, "*&"), DEF(0xF2, ""), GHI(0xF3, "^^"); private int val; private String descriptor; Type(int n, String s) { val = ...

10. enum problem

Howdy ! I am not able to understand enum even though I have tried many sources. Could anyone suggest me some online resources where I could look it up. My doubts and questions are : (1). Is enum is a class or a method. (2). If enum is a class then why don't we declare it with class keyword. It would ...

11. Enum Problem

Every thing is correct except one thing that is, Coffee c=new Coffee(); Whenever compiler invokes the above code the instance members of "Coffee" class will be instantiated and "CoffeeSize cs" is not with in that class (Coffee) scope, then compile time error raised from line 15c.cs=CofTest.CoffeeSize.BIG; here reference variable "cs" is declared in "coffee" class ,for this also compiler raised error. ...

12. enum, random card, setIcon problems

Hello. I have a project that im working on for a couple of days. I wanna make a card game (about texas holdem) that shows you 3 cards (the flop) and you need to tell if that flop is good or not for a bet. So, i made a class (Window.Java in my native language), a class, that ...

13. declaring problems with enums

The following was asked of me and having a little problem with declaring enums in another class. The enum is set up correctly as I have used them before for GUI but doesnt seem to work when needing to call from it \** * A Route has a destination and a type. The type of the route can be * : ...

14. enum problem

15. Enum Problem in jdk1.5

16. Enum problems

Hello, I'm trying to implement a class where i have to use Enums but i got a problem. Please Check my code import java.util.*; /** * */ package real_estate; /** * @author brahim * */ public class House { public enum category {villa, apartment, studio, riad, duplex} static private int reference; private String Address; private int baths; private int beds; private ...

17. enum problem

I am running Java for Mac OSX release 5, the newest one under XCode. I built an Ant based project and written the following : public enum FormVars { SENDATRACE, SENDADEBUG } I get a compiler error on the line that begins "public": "class" or "interface" expected Can anyone identify why the compiler might not like this enum? Thanks.

18. Enum makes problem in java 5?

19. Problem: Setting enum value

20. problem with enum

21. Problem witn enum

You are indeed misusing enums. Enums should never have setters. I'd even say if your enum contains any non-final member variables, then it's a serious design smell. Either abstract the formatting out of the DataType altogether (i.e. make the DataType not care about format and put that code in some other piece) or define a single definite format per data type. ...

22. problem with enum

23. ENUM initialising problem

Member variables are not initialized by default, as local ones are. You've never set a value for the test variable, so it is not initialized. Edit: why don't you read some Java Tutorials before playing around with servlets? They might face you with much harder problems if you're not experienced enough with Java. Edited by: dev@java on Sep 2, 2008 3:45 ...

24. Enum problem - i'm beginner

25. Simple Compass Enum problem...

26. enum problem in jdk 1.5

Hi I have a program under jdk 1.4. It is that i import org.apache.commons.lang.enums.Enum and my class extends Enum now i try the same program with jdk 1.5. i got the error on Enum because it is a indentifier in jdk 1.5. will anybody pls help me to solve this? Thank you

27. Problems with "enum" in Xcode 2.4 Apple is behind the times here regarding Java 5. Tiger shipped with 1.4.2, and doesn't generally like Java 5 for development under XCode (much less the Java 6 developer preview), so you have to point the compiler variable to the Java 5 version of javac in your target's build settings. I tried to use XCode for Java development on the ...

28. Enum Problem

It is not the question of why u have to define there.It is the question of why it cant be defined there I'm a bit confused by this. The simple reason why not is that the language doesn't allow it. Case closed. But perhaps you are asking why this should be: what rationale there is for the language being as it ...

29. enum problem

Don't compare String value with == use equals() or (in this case) equalsIgnoreCase() Even if you can't use valueOf, if you have a string value associated with a each enum case then search with a loop, rather than an if- else if chain. You can add any field you like to an enum, and give a contructor which sets those fields. ...

30. problems with enums