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1. Why are these Java enums changing values?

I'm having some trouble with making list of objects based on a condition on an enum. It seems that after I have completed the list, every item in the list ...

2. Java Enums: Two enum types, each containing references to each other?

Is there a way to get around the class-loading issues caused by having two enums that reference each other? I have two sets of enumerations, Foo and Bar, defined like so:

public class ...

3. How can I reference my Java Enum without specifying its type

I have a class that defines its own enum like this:

public class Test
    enum MyEnum{E1, E2};

    public static void aTestMethod() {

4. Reference to Public Enum results in Anonymous Class

I'm getting an anonymous class at compile-time that I'm not expecting. Relevant code follows, then a more detailed explanation: Entirety of

public enum CircuitType { V110A20, V110A30, V208A20, V208A30 }
From, lines ...

5. Are Java enums considered primitive or reference types?

If I have an enum object, is it considered a primitive or a reference?

6. Java Enum referencing another enum

I would like to be able to define an Enum class that would include another Enum as well as its own values. For example, :

public enum A {

7. Illegal Forward Reference and Enums

I'm programming a game in java which is made up of a grid of tiles. I wan't to be able to inuitively define the edges of the tiles and how they ...

8. Enum passing reference to itself

Hi Could anybody please explain the following statement with the example code ? "It is a compile-time error for the constructors, instance initializer blocks, or instance variable initializer expressions of an enum constant e to refer to itself or to an enum constant of the same type that is declared to the right of e. "

9. Enum illegal forward reference (compiles in Java 5 but not Java 6)

For some reason the following code compiles fine in Java 5 but not Java 6. public enum EnumTest { NORTH( EnumTest.VERTICAL ), SOUTH( EnumTest.VERTICAL ), EAST( EnumTest.HORIZONTAL ), WEST( EnumTest.HORIZONTAL ); private static final String VERTICAL = null; private static final String HORIZONTAL = null; private final String orientationId; private EnumTest( String orientationId ) { this.orientationId = orientationId; } String getOrientationId() ...

10. Create an Enum with a reference to a class

I suggest you double up these classes, placing the static methods and constants for each type into a second, factory class. So you'd have two, parallel hierarchies one of ThingFacorties and one of Things. The root of the factory hierarchy would have an abstract method to generate the Thing object, which each concrete factory type would implement. Typically the concrete ThingX ...

11. Beginner question relating to Enum and reference outside of it

Hello fellow programmers, I want to create a Poker game so I started to create a separate class for Card and Deck. Inside, I have enum of Ranks and Suits. In I have an arrayList of Cards, but when I create new Card with the two parameters of the enum of Rank and Suits, it won't let me. I ...