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1. How to use Java reflection when the enum type is a Class?

I was using an enum in which the constant was a Class. I needed to invoke a method on the constant but could not introduce a compile time dependency and the ...

2. pass reflected enum to method.invoke java

If you have an enum that you are accessing via reflection how would you pass it's value into method.invoke call. Would it be something like (shown as a static method for simplicity)


3. Java: instantiating an enum using reflection

Suppose you have a text file like:

my_setting = ON
some_method = METHOD_A
verbosity = DEBUG
That you wish to to update a corresponding object accordingly:
Setting my_setting = ON;
Method some_method = METHOD_A;
Verbosity verbosity = DEBUG;
Where ...

4. Finding an Enumeration Class using Reflection in Java

I think I need some help with finding an enumeration class within another class using reflection in Java. I have been battling with this for far too long now. I have ...

5. java: reflection to obtain an Enum

This is similar but not quite the same as Java: instantiating an enum using reflection I have a Map<Enum<?>, FooHandler> that I want to use to map Enums (I don't care ...

6. Get Values from Enum Known Only At Runtime

I need to get all the values from an enum, whose type will only be known at runtime. I've come up with the following, but would like to know if anyone ...

7. Java create an instance of enum via reflection

I want to get an instance to an enum type, so that:

String enumString="abc";
MyClass.MyEnum enumType=Class.forName("com.MyClass.MyEnum."+enumString);
This gives me an inconvertible types.

8. Building Enum from String using reflection

I have a method which takes an Enum. Say method is methodName(MyTypes) where MyTypes is inside another class. Data{ enum MyTypes{ Id, Value.... } } I ...

9. Extracting and setting enum Values via reflection

I am trying to set a number of Enums to default value I am using the following method:

private void checkEnum(Field field, String setMethod) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method ...