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1. can set enum start value in java

I use the enum make a few constants:

enum ids {OPEN, CLOSE};
the OPEN'valuse is zero, but I wanna it as 100. Is it possible?

2. how can I lookup a Java enum from its string value?

I would like to lookup an enum from its string value (or possibly any other value). I've tried the following code but it doesn't allow static in initialisers. Is there a ...

3. How is values() implemented for Java 6 enums?

In Java, you can create an enum as follows:

public enum Letter {
    A, B, C, D, E, F, G;

    static {

4. where is Enum.values() defined?

Every Java enumeration has a static values() method can be used like this

for (MyEnum enum : MyEnum.values()) {
    // Do something with enum
However, I cannot figure out where ...

5. Check valid enum values before using enum

I'm trying to lookup against an Enum set, knowing that there will often be a non-match which throws an exception: I would like to check the value exists before performing the ...

6. How to @link to a Enum Value using Javadoc

Using Javadoc 1.5, I have been unable to create a @link to an Enumeration value. What I would like to do is to create an Enum like this:

public enum Planet { 

* ...

7. How can I associate an Enum with its opposite value, as in cardinal directions (North - South, East - West, etc)?

I'm still working on my Cell class for my maze game I'm attempting to make. After help in a different thread it was suggested that I use an EnumMap for ...

8. Java: Pick a random value from an enum?

If I have an enum like this:

public enum Letter {
What is the best way to ...

9. Java's Card Class example - printing enum values

I am using the class card example from java website to try to build a game. I am taking in the number of hands and the number of cards per ...

10. QDox to obtain enum value names

Does QDox provide a way to get the names of the enum values defined by an enum? (I know it can be done using reflection, but I want to be able ...

11. Getting all the enum values from enum value

I came across thas problem that I without knowing the actual enum type i need to iterate its possible values.

if (value instanceOf Enum){
   Enum enumValue = (Enum)value;
Any ideas how ...

12. Easiest way to get Enum in to Key Value pair

I have defined my Enums like this.

public enum UserType {




    private String name;


13. Trying to get the associated value from an Enum at runtime in Java

I want to accomplish something like the following (my interest is in the toInt() method). Is there any native way to accomplish this? If not, how can I get the integer ...

14. Listing values of unknown enum

Say we have a Class object. Name it cls. Now cls.isEnum() returns true What a joy!!! Could I please have the values listed to me? (one sugar, no milk)

15. enum.values() - is an order of returned enums deterministic

I have a enum SOME_ENUM:

public enum SOME_ENUM 
Will SOME_ENUM.values() always return the enums in the order of enum declarations: EN_ONE, EN_TWO, EN_THREE? Is it a ...

16. The proper way to look up an enum by value

I have several Java enums that looks something like below (edited for confidentiality, etc). In each case, I have a lookup method that I'm really not satisfied with; in the example ...

17. Random value from enum with probability

I have an enum that I would like to randomly select a value from, but not truly random. I would like some of the values to be less likely of ...

18. What's the default enum value in Protobuf?

Hello What's the default enum value (if there isn't any default value defined) in Google Protocol buffer using with Java?

19. String Value to set an Enum

I would like to set an enum type by using one of its values as an input : This is the code i'm using,

    package models;


20. Setting an Enum value based on incoming String

I have a number of setter methods which take an enum. These are based on incoming objects attribute. Rather than write a bunch of these is there a way around having ...

21. How to get all possible values of an enum in java? (not knowing the sepcific Enum)

I'd like to create a JComboBox that handles the selection of any Enum given to it. For that I need a method to retrieve all the available values of the Enum ...

22. java enum receive values from string name

I have enum like:

public enum Enum2 
I can list all values like:
public static void main(String... args)
   for (Enum2 e : Enum2.values()) 

23. Using Enum values as String literals

What is the best way to use the values stored in an Enum as String literals? For example:

public enum Modes {

24. How to get Enum Value from index in Java?

I have an enum in Java:

public enum Months
I want to access enum values by index, e.g.
Months(1) ...

25. Gson ignore unknown enum value

Is there a way to configure gson to ignore an unknown enum value? For example in my client code there is an enum DeviceType has 2 enum value : PC, MOBILE But when a ...

26. Should you define a null/unknown value for Java enums?

When you define an enum for something that can be "undefined" in your interfaces, should you

  • define a separate enum value for that, or
  • just use enumValue = null for those ...

27. Cast value from Enum1 to Enum2 Java

How can I cast a value from Enum1 to Enum 2 in Java? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do :

public enum Enum1 {

28. Is it possible to deprecate some of the values of a java enum and if so, how?

I want to deprecate some, but not all possible enumeration values.

29. where does enum.values() come from?

Hi Thomas, Welcome to JavaRanch! There are some things, like the "length" pseudo-instance-variable in arrays, or the "class" pseudo-static-variable, or the "this" member, or the "super()" method, that are more part of the language than part of the API, and this is one of them. The primary source for stuff like this is the Java Language Specification, browseable free online in ...

30. Java 5 enum - How to display a different value?

Hi all, I have a question about Java 5 enums. I'm trying to have UserState.ACTIVE in my code but have "A" saved to the database. Then when I get "A" from the database I get the enum representing UserState.ACTIVE. We're limited by the User POJO which can't change from using a String. Here's my code so far... public enum UserState { ...

31. Java enums, space, and display values

So I've set up some enums in my POJO, and I'm using them in the output. For example, I have the following. public enum Breeds {Setter, Terrier, Lab} System.out.println("The dog breed is "+Breeds.Setter.toString()); It's against convention, but it works. However, I've run into the problem with using enums with spaces. For example, how do I handle "Great Dane"? I can't put ...

32. Enum values by 'string value'

Before I get flooded with "just use a map" replies, let me just say that I've always wondered if Java supports this type of operation It's a bit hard for me to explain...but I want to produce these results: test A .... //Loaded in the following array with my parser class String enumName = "test"; String[] enumElementNames ...

33. Storing values in enum

34. Enum Values

35. The Best Way to Assign an Enum to the Corresponds value of a String?

I know I could do an "if" statement. However, this is a contrived example with only a few enum values. In the real world, this enum list could be quite large. I have looked into reflection, but I don't know whether there is an easier way to achieve my objective? Thank you for your time, Harold Clements

36. Can Enums SKip Values

I haven't worked with Enums in awhile, but I was wondering if it can skip values. For instance, I am implementing a spec that has error codes in it that for some reason skip some values. They go 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 skipping 7 and 9 I'd like to make an enum for these constants, but I don;t think this is possible. I can ...

37. Randomly generate an enum value

38. values in enum

I dont think it was implict kablair. Especially when this was written at the link posted above [quote] The new enum declaration defines a full-fledged class (dubbed an enum type). In addition to solving all the problems mentioned above, it allows you to add arbitrary methods and fields to an enum type, to implement arbitrary interfaces, and more. Enum types provide ...