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1. What results when you pass an empty string to a Java enum .valueOf call?

What results when you pass an empty string to a Java enum .valueOf call? For example:

public enum Status
and then
String empty ...

2. Java enum valueOf() with multiple values?

I have a problem in Java using Enums. I have read the documentation about assigning value parameters to Enums. But, my question is what about multiple values, is it possible? This what I would ...

3. Java Enum valueOf efficiency

Which would you consider more efficient? The use of 'WeekDay' is just an example:

public enum WeekDay {
Loop through and verify day string first:
public void ...

4. How do I reimplement valueof on enumeration

I need to re-implement the enum.valueof method of a few of my enumerations so they no longer throw exceptions, instead they simply return null if a value doesn't exist in the ...

5. using enum method valueOf

For a project, I'm making this mock computer with all the basic instructions, like LOD, LODI, ADD, STO, etc..., and they're enums, and I have to "lookup" the instruction without using if statements or switch statements. So I'm trying to use this method to return the enum type so I can just one (or two) lines of code to automatically look ...

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