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1. Get annotations for enum type variable

I have something like this:

public enum En {
    @Anno1("This is AAA")
    @Anno1("What is this?")

2. Selecting correct Enum

I have a number of Enums each of which contain the names of attributes to be tested. The problem I have is how to select the relevant enum for the object. ...

3. Same names of enum and variable

I've got following code (I know its not nice ;) ):

public class Clazz1 {

    public int test = 10;

    public enum test {a, s, d, ...

4. Instance variables in enums

5. Can we use Enum as a variable name in jdk1.4

Have you tried it? But let me answer that for you: yes you can, but you shouldn't. It will work just fine in the Java 1.4 code, but if you decide to migrate to Java 5.0 or Java 6 later your code will be broken. By thinking ahead and choosing different names you can prevent that. The same holds for "assert" ...

6. Issue with assigning enum instance variable

Hi there, I am using some info from a database and assigning it to the various instance variables of an object. Mostly the info from the database is a String, so I have very simple setter methods for these that take the String from the ResultSet and assign it to the relevant String instance variables of my object. So far so ...

7. Enum Variables

I think the more relevant point, in this case, is that a private field is private to whatever top-level class it's contained within. If it's declared in a nested class ("Days" in this case), that private field is still accessible outside the nested class, but inside the containing top-level class ("Enums" in this case). Why did Java do it this way? ...

8. Iterating through unknown enum type variable

I'd like to pass any enum to a function and use the values array. But, since that method is not inherited, I can't find a way to do that. Something like: public class RadioCellGroup> extends AbstractEditableCell { public RadioCellGroup(Enum values) { for (E item : values.values()) { // Create a radio button whose value is item.toString() } } ...

9. Need Programming Help With the "enum" Type of Variable

I have never used variables with the "enum" type. I have several questions in regard to its uses. The questions are marked in the code snippet show below. I appreciate your help. Thank you. package abc; public class AAA { public void method() { RequestRouter requestRouter = new RequestRouter(); what_is_the_variable_here = requestRouter.determinePath( userRequestURI ) ; // based on the "what_is_the_variable_here", code ...

10. enum not valid variable in JDK 1.5 ..Any solution

Your options are, a) stay below 1.5, b) change your variable names. If you have a halfway decent IDE, a global replace will be simple. Or, depending on how big your code base is, simply fixing the compile errors one by one may be sufficient. Edited by: jverd on May 22, 2008 2:44 AM