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1. Autoboxing/widening occurs in Short a=3 but not in Float a=3;

I understand that the following code won't work

Float a=3
because its translated as Float a=Integer.valueOf(3). We'll have a Float reference on the LHS and an Integer object on the RHS, which is ...

2. I don't know how to cast to float in Java

I'm porting some code over from Processing to Java, and one issue I've come across is that processing's precompiler turns any doubles to floats. In Eclipse however, I've had to explicitly ...

3. Java, impossible cast Object to Float.....why?

Why this works:

 Object prova = 9.2;
 Double prova2 = (Double) prova;
And this doesn't?
Object prova = 9.2;
Float prova2 = (Float) prova;
I lost 1 hour in my javaa android application ...

4. Understanding Casting in Java

this is my first post here and i like to thank all the people that can help me with this simple question: how the casting works in java? I made this very ...

5. Cannot cast java.lang.Float to float when using Class.cast?

I already have a solution, but I don't like it. Also, it would be nice to know your thoughts about this. You see, elem.get gives back an Object, that is going to ...

6. casting: float to Float

I searched the forum and nothing quite fit what I was looking for. This is pretty straight forward but I'm missing it. Too tired (or something). I have a String (XML) that I cast to float (so I can use the absolute value method). Now I need to make that float a type of Float. float steveNumber = 0; steveNumber = ...

7. difference between float value and float value with casting

class Test { public static void main ( String args [ ] ) { System . out . println (Math . round ( Integer . MIN_VALUE - 6.5 ) == Integer . MIN_VALUE) ; System . out . println (Math . round ( Integer . MIN_VALUE - 6.5f ) == Integer . MIN_VALUE) ; } };

8. How to cast a string into a float?

9. Value changed after casting from float to double?

Hi Maybe this is a very old topic and has been discussed thousands of times before, but now it gives me a big headache. In my current project, I need to receive data from a legacy program. What I expected is a double value, i.e. 3.14, and what is given to me is a float value, i.e. 3.14. When the float ...

10. Point2D.Float cast to Float