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1. How to parse a currency Amount (US or EU) to float value in Java

In Europe decimals are separated with ',' and we use optional '.' to separate thousands. I allow currency values with:

  • US-style 123,456.78 notation
  • European-style 123.456,78 notation
I use the next ...

2. Why not use Double or Float to represent currency?

So I've always been told NEVER to do this, and this time I pose the question to you: why? I'm sure there is a very good reason, I simply do not ...

3. Formatting floats (for currency amounts)

I want to display in a JSP page currency amounts, so the numbers have 2 decimal places. I have a JavaBean with float amounts, but whenever I print the numbers I get 80.0 instead of 80.00. What's the simplest way to format the results to be two decimal places? I read some things about using BigDecimal and stuff but is there ...