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1. Why does (360 / 24) / 60 = 0 ... in Java    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to compute (360 / 24) / 60 I keep getting the answer 0.0 when I should get 0.25 In words: I want to divide 360 by 24 and then ...

2. Why does this simple division between 2 floats not work with java?    stackoverflow.com

System.out.println((float)( (float)26.55 / (float)3.0 ));
etc. returns the result 8.849999. not 8.85 as it should. Can anyone explain this or should we all avoid using floats?

3. What's wrong with this division?    stackoverflow.com

Here's the code:

class testsum
    public static void main(String arg[]) 
        double sum=0; 

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I have a very simple division in Java (it's a product quantity / production per hour), however whenever I make this division I get strange errors:

float res = quantity / standard;
I ...

5. Float numbers division    coderanch.com

When you divide a byte, char, short, int or long by 0, integer division is used, and that does not allow dividing by 0. When you divide a byte, char, short, int or long by 0.0 (which is a double), double division is used, and that does allow dividing by 0. With all arithmetic operators in Java, the result has the ...

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I have tried many alternatives but i couldnt make any single floating point number printed to a page... I am compiling the servlet with eclipse 3.2 without any error but the jsp page says java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: floatnumber even i have that variable... i have tried double,float but both of them makes the error above...but i can print long as well. can anyone ...