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1. java's Float.floatToIntBits implementation code in C\C++    stackoverflow.com

I want the source code for java's Float.floatToIntBits() implementation code in C\C++. Regards, Rajan.M

2. Float.floatToIntBits( float )    coderanch.com

Hi, Marilyn. I looked up the code in java.lang.Float; it's a native method, but here are the comments that go along with it: /** * Returns the bit represention of a single-float value. * The result is a representation of the floating-point argument * according to the IEEE 754 floating-point "single * precision" bit layout. *

    * [list]Bit 31 (the ...

3. floatToIntBits( float f ) not working for Floating Point Format    forums.oracle.com

The assignment is to take the user input String and display it as an IEEE-754 Standard Floating Point Number (with some other details, like the exponent, mantissa, etc.). The professor's code to get us started is: float f = Float.parseFloat (user_input_string ); int bits = Float.floatToIntBits( f ); I was so frustrated I decided to take a better look at my ...