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1. How to nicely format floating types to String?

An 64-bit double can represent integer +/- 253 exactly Given this fact I choose to use a double type as a single type for all my types, since my largest integer is ...

2. Prevent round off in String.format("%.2f", doubleValue) in Java

How do I prevent String.format("%.2f", doubleValue); from rounding off (round half up algorithm) instead of just truncating it? e.g.

doubleValue = 123.459
after formatting,
doubleValue = 123.46
I just want to discard the last digit,
I know ...

3. Why Java double print format differs depending on using String.format or not

This code:

 System.out.println(String.format("%f", Math.PI));
produces that result on my computer:
Why does the first line print float number with comma while the second one uses dot?

4. How can floating point values be printed without mantissa/exponent format?

I am trying to print a double value. It is printing in matissa and exponent format, which is not what I want. For example, my program prints 1.234567E6 for the value ...

5. java code to display a floating point value in specified format in jasper report

The value 13.10 is printed as 13.1 in my jasper report , I want to print it as 13.10 itself , How to do it .The corresponding JRXML statement is

<textFieldExpression class="java.lang.Float"><![CDATA[$F{temp_bill_tax}]]> ...

6. Java: Float Formatting depends on Locale

I live in Belgium. And generally, we write our floats like this (in Math): 3,141592
And that is also the result when I format the float.


Sorry, I was wrong:
System.out.println(String.format("%f", 3.141592));
So, the ...

7. Formatting Floating Point Numbers

I have a variable of type double, I need to print it in upto 3 decimals of precision but it shouldn't have any trailing zeros... eg. I need

2.5 // not 2.500
2  ...

8. Java String.format - method format(String, Object []) not applicable for argument format(String, float)

I use this code in my project which is independent from other project.

float trg1 = 2.3f;
String.format("%.2f",tgr1).replace(",", ".");
When I insert this in other project which is depends from other project I get ...

9. how to validate float against specific format in java?

I want to validate the float type data. I get the rules defined as

int precision1 = 3;
int precision2 = 2;
The above rule indicates the data format should be of 999.99 The expected ...

10. Float / Double format

How can I format the output of a float or a double number using the public void println() method like: f = 3.151416123f; System.out.println(f); I want to see: % 3.15 Only with two numbers, is this posible? Does it works like C's fprintf("%2f"); ??? or something? Any answer would be apreciate Thanks Zkr Ryz.

11. formatting float values

hello , i have a little problem with formatting my float values. i have following float values: float omni_basisvertrag = 0; float omni_basisprovision = 0; float omni_relation = 0; after a few sql selections i calculate a percent value: omni_relation = (omni_basisprovision*100) / omni_basisvertrag); the omni_relation is now something like 9.8897473587, but i want 9.89 . can anybody help please andreas ...

12. Number Format (floating point numbers)

I checked it but I couldn't get what I want ! The API documentation includes an example of the code used to format a number in different ways. It also includes a link to Sun's tutorial on the subject. Perhaps you could post a small example using the techniques illustrated that shows your problem. If it doesn't compile cut and post ...

13. Format a float value.

Hello friends. I am trying to format with String.format a format value. I want the following thing: When I have a number 12,561 that format to "12,56", and when I have 12 that format to "12" not "12,00". If I use String.format ("%.2f", (float) 12), I get "12,00", but i want "12". Can anybody say to me how to solve it?. ...

14. Float number formatting

guy.bashan wrote: So why is this working fine (removed new Float("90000.6")): NumberFormat nf1 = NumberFormat.getInstance(Locale.US); System.out.println(nf1.format(90000.6)); and gives back: 90,000.6 What can't be represented here exactly? is it pretty straight and simple number: 90000.6 Ok, now try to represent it in base two (a.k.a binary). Tell me how many digits you'll need to represent it exactly and then check how many ...

15. How do you find out if a float (or a number) is in expotential format?

How do you find out if a float (or a number) is in expotential format? For example: float x = .0005 converting x to a String gives you : 5.0E-4 Basically I want to know 2 things: 1. How can I find out if this String is in expotential format? 2. How do make the float print .0005 and not 5.0E-4 ...

16. Formatting a float in Java, help please!

Im trying to format a float in a JTable thats been taken from an SQL database, heres what ive got: { float price = results.getFloat(5); row = new Vector(); row.addElement(new String(results.getString(1))); row.addElement(results.getString(2)); row.addElement(results.getInt(3)); row.addElement(results.getInt(4)); row.addElement(""+ (price)); rows.addElement(row); } so i've given the getFloat(5) a variable name 'price' - how do i format the float 'price' to two decimal places, like 0.00? ...