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I understand that "2.5" is automatically a double, and to make it a float, I need to do "2.5F" (or should the F be lowercase?), and that I should use a ...

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Hi babu jayaraman This showed Exception because it can not do the autoboxing . Means autoboxing supports only in jdk 1.5.0 not other versions In this coding public byte Test() { final int i=127; final float f=127; return i; // Its working fine //return f;// but is not working, i dont know the logic, } Return type is byte , but ...

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Hello, According the exam guide I am using, it is possible to covert an long value to a float value. They explain the other conversion saying 'widening' which means a 32 bit data type hold a 16 bit data type and so on. But the explanation for my question is not given. So could you please explain how this is possible. ...

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Hi i don't know how java stores floating point numbers in memory.(distribution of absolute and fraction digits) a long takes 8 byte while a float takes 4 bytes only so why can't we typecast a float to a long implicitly. why widening isn't followed here in this case and why a long can be type casted to a float implicitly while ...

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Thnks for reply. I had tried this code public class Test { public static void main(String ar[]) { long longVal = 9223372036854775807L; System.out.println("\nlongVal: "+longVal); float floatVal = longVal; System.out.println("flaotVal: "+floatVal); } } Output is longVal: 9223372036854775807 flaotVal: 9.223372E18 evalution of floatVal is 9223372000000000000 So ther is data loss of long val. Thnks in advance