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1. Help with float numbers in Java

Could anyone please me why the output of the following programme is not " different different"?

public static void main(String[] args)

float f1=3.2f;
float f2=6.5f;


o/p :different same

2. How did a float turn into a double here?

Edit: As always, great answer in under 5 minutes :) Turns out if I make a tiny change - make the F capital in "float", I'll get the output I expected.

class ...

3. Floating Point Numbers

This seems like a real simple question but I just to want clear my doubt. I am looking at code which some other developer wrote. There are some calculations involving floating-point ...

4. What is the maximum number in the mantissa part of a Java float?

In Java what is the maximum number in the mantissa part that can be stored? In this link below


5. Java Float.MIN_VALUE and Float.MIN_NORMAL

Possible Duplicate:
Difference among Double.MIN_NORMAL and Double.MIN_VALUE
1) Can some one pls explain to me what the difference is between MIN_NORMAL and MIN_VALUE?
2) Also, why does ...

6. java parse float without creating a float number with exponential

I'm tring to parse a string to parse like this:

when I parse a string number like: "13299802.60" , I get this: 1.3299803E7 I want to get the float number like the string without ...

7. Why do some floating point numbers appear with a trailing 0

Does anyone know why the numbers 0.001 to 0.009 are rendered to a String with a trailing 0 but other numbers do not. e.g. numbers 0.01 to 0.09 do not.

for (int ...

8. How To determine whether the number is float or double?

Where do we have it? In a String? Give more details and also explain what you have tried or what your ideas are about it.

9. Float Number

10. how to display a float number (15.0) to 15 without 0

hi, Folks, I got a float number from database, float n = rs.getFloat("number"). for example. if n=15.5, System.out.prinltn( n ) , so output should is 15.5. but if the number is 15.0, only if the number is 0 after point, i want it print out like 15 (interger). How can i do that? Do i need to use some API to ...

11. Percision problems with Double and Float numbers

Hi, I'm just learning Java and have run into a problem I can't figure out. I havent found it in any of the books I am reading. This problem was posted on the Java Ranch Cattle Drive. The problem was to total the amount of 0.1 1000 times and compare the total to 100. Pretty simple problem, or so I thought. ...

12. How to covert a number in string form to float

Hello, Welcome to JavaRanch. The short answer is: String string = "123"; int number = Integer.parseInt(string); or String string = "123.45"; double number = Double.parseDouble(string); If you'd like more information on the subject, I recommend doing a search on the beginner's forum. The link to the search page is at the top-right of this page. Good Luck.

13. Float Double numbers

Hi all Is there perhaps a way to get grip of the following :Float/Double MAX_MIN VALUES,POSITVE/NEGATIVE_INFINITY,NAN casting to int /float type etc, and using MATH methods on them. It is very confusing remembering all the different results, i forgot sometimes what is what. If anyone can perhaps explain the workings around it it will help, cos memorising this makes it difficult. ...

14. No 'E' in a big floating point number

15. Restricting the number of floating point digits

You might consider not using floats. Use long or int to store the real number * 1000. Format the decimal places only for display. This is one way to make sure the 3-digit fractional part multplies, divides and rounds the way you'd expect. It might be fun to make your own number class that uses float for all input and output ...

16. Negative Floating point numbers

18. How to add two floating point numbers ?

19. float number in words

20. if it is floating point number

The code flow will resume after the catch block unless you tell it to do something else from within the catch block. For instance in one of my programs if a critical process fails in the try block, I have a System.exit(some number) in the catch block -- after printing the exceptions stacktrace of course! In another, if the program detects ...

21. How to gather a set of floating point numbers from a web page form?

I am pretty new to Java and I am working on a project to apply Benfords law to find the probability of digits submitted by the user. My first step is to gather set of floating point numbers from a web page. How do I go about doing this? Any suggestion or a proper site where I can learn this stuff ...

22. Need help with calculating floating point numbers in JAVA

Hi, I am using JDK1.5.0_07. I performed a particular calculation in JAVA - 4671.11 * 100 The value returned is 467110.99999999994 instead of 467111. The reason being 4671.11 cannot be represented exactly in floating point. Can anyone please tell me which are the other numbers in JAVA which cannot be represented as floating point numbers. Thanks,

23. How to get the amplitude of a sound as a float number in Java

Hi, I would like to create a program which plays an audio file(it may be a midi, probably) and it returns the amplitude of the sound in terms of float number. I mean, is it possible to obtain this number, since every sound file is actually a sequence of float number like 110.010110101 etc. Can you help me with suggestions and ...

24. Problem when subtracting 2 floating point numbers

It is important because I am using an API which requires a 1 decimal place double to be input (i.e. the 4.0 I was expecting). I know there are some rounding functions so I could round the number to 1 decimal place however I do not know if these functions would also be affected by the floating point problem. Edit: To ...

25. confusion while multiplying two float number

[SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FLOATING-POINT ARITHMETIC||No, it's not a bug in Java. C/C++ does the same thing, and it's not a bug there either.] [What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic||Seriously, it's not a bug. Get over it.] [Another good (slightly simpler) FP explanation||Nope, not a bug in Java]

26. Get Accurate Value from floating point number

Hi, When i store a large value in a double datatypes say double a=30000000467456935355d then when i print the value it shows me as 3.0000000467456934E19. The last 3 digits are not present and rounded to 30000000467456934. There is no way now i can retrieve the old value. It is very important for me to retrieve the value and display to user. ...

27. Floating Number with out Exponent Part

28. calculating float numbers

29. how to print a floating point number?

when you print a float with System.out.print() the answer loses precision. how can i print the exact value of my float? my example: i have a floating point number that is in ieee format. when i do: System.out.print(Integer.toBinaryString(Float.floatToIntBits(myNumber))); i get this: 0 01111111 10100000000000000000001 that is a sign bit of 0 exponent of 0 and a significand of 1.10100000000000000000001 however when ...