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1. Compute hex color code for an arbitrary string


Is there a way to map an arbitrary string to a HEX COLOR code. I tried to compute the HEX number for string using string hashcode. Now I need to convert ...

2. Formula For Calculating Opposite ("Difference") For Hexadecimal Color

how can i create an opposite of a hexadecimal color? for example, i'd like to convert 0x000000 (black) into 0xFFFFFF (white), or 0xFF0000 (red) into 0x00FFFF (cyan). those are ...

3. Help with a Color Calculator in Java

I want to know how to paint the background based on the color of the hex value inputed by the user. I have this:

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class SimpleColorCalc extends JFrame ...

4. Hexadecimal value for new Color()

I was wondering how I could pass a hexadecimal value in a variable into the Color method as a parameter. I tried this: .... = new Color(request.getParameter("ColorPicked")); This obviously doesn't work (hence the post). Do I need to cast the value returned from the parameter? The value right now is ffff00. In the case where it's used I'd rather use hexadecimal ...

5. how to apply hex value to color class

6. Using hex colour code

This creates a square that stretches to make it look like grass. Now I want to add some little bushes to make it look more genuine. The problem I have is that I'm limited to only using the string Green as a green colour. I would like to know how it is possible to apply a hex colour code to the ...