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Hello javaranchers, I'm now developing an web application that will use some chinese characters and those characters will be store in my database for use. I managed to convert the chinese words into unicode, but i need helps for convert them into html codes. Eg, from 0026002300320033003400380031003b to this format Thanks in advance. Regards, mirai chelean

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If it's an XML-based web service (like SOAP for example) then normally the parser would take care of doing that for you. If it's well-formed XML, that is. Is your problem simply that you need help in understanding the log entries, or are you actually encountering this requirement when receiving the data from the web service in your code?

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I'm using java to post data to a lucene storage. Some of the data I'm posting is in hexidecimal format. I need to convert this to unicode, so as to see the foreign characters. Has anyone had any experience with anything like this? I think it should be quite simple, but just can't seem to find anything specific about converting hex ...

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1. Create a String of 256 characters, where the index corresponds to the ASCII character (e.g. character at index 193 (0xC1) would be 'A'). 2. Parse your input string two characters at a time using Integer.parseInt(s, 16) to convert the two digits to a number, and use the resulting number to get the equivalent ASCII character from the translation string in ...

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But when i tried on another,it does not work. another what ?? In case you are dealing with some message properties file then its better to convert the native file to ascii using a native2ascii converter tool. Then you need not use Integer.toHexString(..) You can run the following command on DOS for convertion of a japanese file into unicode .. native2ascii ...