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For my project, I have to read each pixel in an image, perform a math operation on each pixel, then display the results of the modified pixel in an updated image. ...

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Why does 0x1p3 equal to 8.0? Why does 0x1e3 equal to 483 whereas 0x1e3d to 7741? It is confusing since 1e3d equals to 1000.0.

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In one of my application i have converted a string to hexadecimal value and i have stored the hexadecimal value in a file. later i am retrieving the values from the file ...

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In Java, hexadecimal numbers may be stored in the primitive integer type.

private static volatile final synchronized int x = 0x2FE;
However reading in a hex using the Scanner class's nextInt() method throws ...

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Are hexadecimal numbers ever negative? If yes then how ? For binary you would have signed and unsigned. How would one represent them in Hex ? I need this for a ...

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I'm trying to parse into int a String which is hexadecimal number in my code (FF00FF00, for example) using Integer.parseInt(String string, int radix), but always get NumberFormatException. If I parse the ...

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Hi All. This is regarding web development. i am using Tomcat 5.0 as the server. I want to save japanese characters . I am encoding the japanese chatacters using escape(jap_char) function of javascript. The corresponding Java file receives the japanese string in the format \uXXXX hexadecimal format. How can i convert this hexadecimal \uXXXX back to the Japanese character in java. ...

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public class StringToHexaDecimal { public static void main(String[] args) { try { // attempt convert to hex String s = "0cv"; int i = Integer.parseInt( s,16 ) ; System.out.print ( " Hex Value of: " + s + " = " + i ) ; } catch(NullPointerException npe){ System.out.println(npe); } catch(NumberFormatException nfe){ System.out.println(nfe); } } }

16. Identify whether the string is a actual string or hexadecimal.    coderanch.com

The code is String temp = "526F75746572"; boolean ret; try { // try to parse the string to an integer, using 16 as radix int t = Integer.parseInt(temp, 16); // parsing succeeded, string is valid hex number ret = true; } catch (NumberFormatException e) { e.printStackTrace(); // parsing failed, string is not a valid hex number ret = false; } System.out.println("Is ...

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I dont get hexadecimal integer that represent values, ..... I have been looking online but all i can find is that they all start with 0x and 0x1a is 26. Well that doesn't really help me. how do u write 15, or 10, or 5. I mean i need something to go off of so i can figure this out rather ...

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Ok, how do you determine to what power you should use ? When do you use 16^2 or 16^5 for example ? Perhaps it would be more clear if it was first demonstrated with a decimal number, e.g. 1234 4 is the number of units, i.e. 4*10^0, because 10^0 = 1 3 is the number of 10s, i.e. 3*10^1, because 10^1 ...

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As far as I know mathematical operations - sum, square root etc - take numerical values as their operands, not numerals. In other words, the following all express the same thing. (Not a similar thing: the same thing) 3 x 6 = 18 (decimal numerals) 3 x 6 = 12 (hex numerals) three times half a dozen is a dozen and ...

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hi there, Actually i'm implementing an assembler, and i wish to find some tool in java that can help in dealing with hexadecimal numbers , do we have any class here like this or sth ?? or should i implement it myself ??? Waiting 4 any reply please. Thanks in advance. D.Roth..

27. Hexadecimal to Long    forums.oracle.com

I am looking for the method to convert 16-digit hex value to unsigned long; I tried using String hex = "0003F00000000000"; long lValue = Long.parseLong(hex.trim(), 16); System.out.println("theLong: " + lValue ); ut this is not giving me correct value, it will be great if anyone can let me know how to correct this.