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1. Rhino Javascript: How to convert Object to a Javascript primitive?

I am utilizing the javax.scripting with Rhino in this project. I have a Java method that returns a Java Object (Double, Long, Integer, etc). I want to call that method ...

2. Where do you put the parentheses to concisely convert a casted object to a primitive type without auto-unboxing?

With autounboxing, this statement will automatically work:

int myPrimitive = (Integer) doIt();
But if I want to explicitly convert from an Integer to an int here in a single line, where do I ...

3. What is the better approach to convert primitive data type into String

I can convert an integer into string using

String s = "" + 4; // correct, but poor style
String u = Integer.toString(4); // this is good
I can convert a double into string ...

4. RHE - Conversion of primitives

5. primitive type convert

6. Converting java primitive types to and from binary format.

Is there a class in the standard library, or a class in an open source library that allows the client code to easy convert a primitive type like boolean, long, double, or integer to binary form and back again? I don't want to use the DataInputStream and DataOutputStream for this purpose, since I'm not writing to files and this seems like ...

7. Best way to convert string values to types of Objects and primitives?

I will be passed string values along with string descriptions of their type. I need to convert these values and be able to pass them on to methods, some of which require primitives and some of which require objects. The code cannot know which, it just passes the converted values on and that black-box code uses the values as needed. This ...