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1. Does primitive wrapper instantiation cause memory allocation in JDK 1.6

From PMD:

IntegerInstantiation: In JDK 1.5, calling new Integer() causes memory allocation. Integer.valueOf() is more memory friendly. ByteInstantiation: In JDK 1.5, calling new Byte() causes memory allocation. ...

2. How to copy primitive type memory in Java?

I have two chars = 4 bytes, that representing integer value (geted from stream). How can I copy these into a primitive int variable?

3. Memory Spaces for primitive types and Objects

I have a question about memory allocation for primitive types and objects. Suppose we have the following situation : int x = 5 ; AnObject singleObject = new AnObject() ; Now x will be point to a place in memory and this place will store the value 5. However, for singleObject it will be allocated an address of where the object ...