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StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer("Hello");
sb.concat("hi");//not working 
Why can't i use concat here??

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I have a Java program that outputs some text into console. It uses print, println, and some other methods to do this. At the end of the program , I want to ...

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what is the difference between String and StringBuffer in java?
Hi What is the difference between String and String Buffer? when shall i use each ...

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String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder
What are common methods between String and StringBuffer? And what is the difference between string and string buffer?

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P: 6 eraserwars I want to make a sort of simple menu in this program, but I can't seem to make the string "command" change. I couldn't understand the buffer string ...

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When i run the following code, the output is not displaying in a new line but displays everything in a same line. Any advice please. I'm struggling but cant get it solved. this is kind of urgent any help is great... StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer(4000); s.append("Name: " + custNamerequestedAmt + "\n"); s.append("Name: " + custNamerequestedAmt+"\n"); //s.append('\n'); // also tried this ...

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i make two objects reference of StringBuffer and assign them the same value "TEST". now if i invoke '==' or '.equals' method to compare the object references then in the both case i got 'FALSE' while in case of String i got 'FALSE' and 'TRUE'. i know that '==' compares wheather two object reference refers to the same object or not ...

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I have a doubt in this question: GIVEN: public class test{ public static void main(String [] arg){ String a = new String("A"); StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer("B"); stringOp(a); bufferOp(b); System.out.println(a +"," + b); } static void stringOp(String x){ x=x.concat("z"); } static void bufferOp(StringBuffer y){ y = y.append("U"); } } Question: WHAT IS THE OUTPUT? According to me, since java uses only ...

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The problem with Strings, as Michael implied, is that they are immutable. This means that if you change the value of a String, you actually create a new String object and no longer refer to the old object. I believe the main reason for String immutability is that it allows the JVM to do a bunch of tricks to optimise code. ...

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The best way to proceed is to write code that is simpler to understand and easier to maintain. Later, when you are optimizing, and your profiling tools have shown a significant bottleneck in a particular loop, then you can worry about these litle issues and make any necessary changes for increased performance. But it's not a very efficient use of your ...

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14. String Buffer    coderanch.com

To answer this question you need to understand these 2 scenarios - 1. Primitive datatypes: final primitive types cannot be changed once initialized. 2. Object reference: If the final keyword is related to the reference, it means that the reference can point to only one object. You cannot point the final reference to some other Object else you will get a ...

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this program displays each character entered in the input as a seven segment digit. For e.g, if the input is 123 _ _ | _| _| | |_ _| The output is stored in three string buffers one for each output line. As each input digit is processed,append four characters to each buffer(three for the digit itself plus a space) For ...

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26. what is difference in string and string buffer    coderanch.com

1.string is immutable where is string builder is mutable 2.In stringBuilder, automatically increase and decrease size of string object whenever add elements and delete elements .Where in string , it is fixed size . 3.StringBuilder can performe a insert(),Delete(),Reverse(),Sort() operations etc and we can create multiple instances .Where as String , It can't perfome . 4.StringBuilder takes enough memory for variable ...

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String is immutable because whenever the value of a String is changed a new object is created and make the variable reference this new object. Appending a String to another existing one is the same kind of deal: a new String containing the stuff from both is created and the old one is dropped.

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How have sun made String immutable.Even string buffer and sting builder are final classes ,but they are mutable through final key word the sting has become un-extendable not immutable.Its not an sufficient condition Say in a code i do this String s= "Hello"; s=s+"Bill"; Here "Hello Bill" will be a new object , as string is immutable .What in the string ...

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a String is a charactor array (char array) while a String buffer is a byte array where the byte values are of the encoded chars (i.e. byte equiv of the ACSII char). Is it immutable? no. that simply means that it cannot be changed. You can always change it, unless you want to final serialized it.

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Hi, Thanks for your replies. I do agree with the concepts about the String. But i am not very clear in the case of String Buffer,in the above example sb1,sb2, x and y are 4 different variable i feels. when i say x.append(y) , how sb1 & Sb2 value gets changed? If i get still more clear answer or a link ...

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thanks. i agree. just a little argument. suppose we have implemented all the String class in Linklist (think being the developer of the java language not user of java language) ... don't you think that this implementaion will give us access to change the contents when ever we want. Overloading all the opertors for this String class for the Programmer will ...

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I am not a Java programmer but I have been working with programming languages for a number of years. What I have is some code that returns a hyperlink into a string buffer and then passes that buffer back to the web page that called it inserting the HTML so the page can be displayed. I need to replace certain characters ...

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for (int i = 0; i < vectorForProjectName.size(); i++) { String projectAbbrevation = ""; String pname = vectorForProjectName.elementAt(i).toString().trim(); for (int a = 0; a < vectorFreezeProject.size(); a++) { String vFProject = vectorFreezeProject.elementAt(a).toString().trim(); if (vectorFreezeProject.indexOf(pname) != -1) { stringBuffer.append( "\n"); } else { try { projectAbbrevation = this.vectorForProjectAbbrevation.elementAt(i).toString().trim(); ...

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b]When deciding between inheritance and composition, ask if you need to upcast to the base type. If not, prefer composition (member objects) to inheritance. This can eliminate the perceived need for multiple base types. If you inherit, users will think they are supposed to upcast. The man isn't dumb, I guess. I would have said that I'd only use inheritance if ...

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When an in put of Year Month day is entered as YYYYMMDD 20090117 How can i make a code using the string buffer to just take notice of th 4th and fifth entry, and then depends what numbers are found they are translated into the relative month 01 System.out.println("January"); 02 February 03 March etc

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bharat_csc wrote: Can you explain why the capacity has changed to 8 instead of 4? This is because when StringBuffer has to grow it adds more capacity than it needs (in anticipation of further additions of chars). Growth is an expensive operation so it pays off to do it in quite big chunks. A common growth policy is doubling. It looks ...

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I'm dealing with some ancient sequential files left behind by a QuickBasic system. The files consist of sets of one and two dimensional arrays with elements that are QB 'strings' - a sequence of 1-byte ASCII char terminated by ("\r\n") and padded fore and aft by a ' '. Some strings represent text, most integers. So int[] { 123, 54132, ...

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Hey there. I need to read a little bit of binary data from jpg 1, then a bit from jpg 2, then jpg 3 and so on. I then need to go back and read the next bit of data from jpg 1, then jpg 2 etc... My question is, would it be better to set up multiple filestreams which I ...