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1. Word occurrence in a String(word count)

Im stuck on writing Word occurrence in a string. I got some tip(in task notes) to use is compareToIgnoreCase. so I tried something like this:

splitwords = StringCont.split("\\s");
for(int i=0; i<splitwords.length; i++)

2. Counting occurences of unique letters in a string

Let's say I have the string "UNDERSTAND". Now let's say I want to count the occurrences of each letter in the string. So from my example I would want something like ...

3. How to count a frequency of a particular word in a line?

I would like to know, that if I am having a single line string, then how to count the frequency of a particular word in that string, using simple java code?! Thanks ...

4. Count occurrences of strings in Java

Is there a good class that can count the occurrences of specific strings in java? I'd like to keep a list of names and then create unique email addresses for each ...

5. Finding repeated words on a string and counting the repetitions

I need to find repeated words on a string, and then count how many times they were repeated. So basically, if the input string is this:

String s = "House, House, House, ...

6. Count words in a string method?

I was wondering how I would write a method to count the number of words in a java string only by using string methods like charAt, length, or substring. Loops and if ...

7. java weka stringtowordvector is not counting word occurences properly

so I'm using Weka Machine Learning Library's JAVA API and I have the following code:

    String html = "repeat repeat repeat";

    Attribute input = ...

8. count the key and values?

I have 2000 lines of codes,it generated by our DB and the output is like this


9. how to count this values?

I have several lines such as this :

I want to count TTT and FLAG=TRUE if the FLAG=TRUE in java how can I check it ? thanks for your help

10. Trim String based on Offset and Count

Is there an easy way to trim a String based on his Offset and Count values, that is, a function that returns OO for a String FOOBAR with an offset of ...

11. How can I count these values?

I have a DB that usually generates a file with 3000 lines, actually I want to count the number of LAYERID(s) My DB file is like this :


13. Count the String

14. How we can Count the no.of words in a given String

word counting can be done in easy way by using JAVA API or you can use your own algorithm like counting the character and if next character is space then increment the counter. you can check for other cases like if there is more than single space or string starts with a space or ends with more than one space.

15. Search count in String Input

look at where your System.out.println statement is. it's inside the block where you check to see if two strings are equal. since no string ever matches 'america', you will never print anything out for the 'america' string. for fun, try changing your input string to "I am in america. am in am". you'll get even stranger results.... you don't want to ...

16. Best practice to count a word inside a String

If you want case sensitive matching I'd go for a simple loop with the indexed version of String.indexOf. Overhead: one int for the index. Otherwise, you can go two ways: 1) convert both Strings to lowercase or uppercase, then loop as with case sensitive. Your overhead is two extra String objects plus the int. 2) use a Pattern and Matcher: String ...

17. count instances of each word in a String

Hi all, I've set myself the challenge of writing a small class which will contain a method that will receive a String argument as a parameter and then count the number of times each word in the String occurs, printing these to the console. For example, by passing in the sentence "A cat sat on a cat mat" should yield the ...

18. Need to count leading tabs (\t ) for a String

It would be pretty easy to write some plain ordinary code which examined the characters of the string one at a time, wouldn't it? So how long would you expect it to take you? Could you do it in a minute? 5 minutes? Okay, now how long is it going to take you to get a working regex? If that's a ...

21. counting letters in a string

im working on something that requires me to have a user input a string like: wEWEWwewewetrtrtrTRTRTRTREEEEEeee i need to return a statement stating how many w's, e's, t's, and r's and a percentage of how many times each letter is inputted. i already have my method that scans in the information and i think i understand how to do the necessary ...

22. count no of words in string

import*; import java.util.*; class type { public static void main(String ar[]) throws IOException { Scanner s= new Scanner(; DataInputStream d= new DataInputStream(; int no; String str; System.out.println("\n\n\n\n\t\t\t\t\tTypeing speed contest\n\n\n\n"); System.out.println("type the below given line\n\n i love you and i will kill you"); System.out.println("when your are ready press 1"); no=s.nextInt(); Date d1 = new Date(); long l1=d1.getTime(); System.out.println("time 1="+l1); str=d.readLine(); Date ...

23. Counting letters in a string

25. Counting occurences in a String

26. counting letters in a string?

int count = 0; while (index

27. Count occurences of digits in a string?

How can I change this program to count the occurences of digits in a string, instead of the occurences of letters in a string? import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class CountEachLetter { /** Main method */ public static void main(String[] args) { // Prompt the user to enter a string String s = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter a string:"); // Invoke the countLetters method to count ...

28. Need help with String Count

To make your program do what you want I took your source, deleted 7 lines of stuff you don't need. Added one line that you do need and it does exactly what you want. One line of code is all you need to add. That's it. I suspect you didn't write the code you posted to be honest.

29. String Count Occurence

i just want to count the number of occurence of character in string.. so i did this.. dont know whats wrong.. so someone help me mport java.util.*; public class CountChar { public static void main(String[] args ) { String input = args[0]; LinkedHashMap lhm = new LinkedHashMap(); for (int i =0; i

30. count occurrence of word in string...HELP!!!!!

// Create a hash map to hold words as key and count as value Map hashMap = new HashMap(); String[] words = text.split("[ ]"); for (int i = 0; i < words.length; i++) { if (words.length() > 1) { if (hashMap.get(words) != null) { int value = hashMap.get(words).intValue(); value++; hashMap.put(words, value); } else hashMap.put(words, 1); } } //Count each ...

31. counting consecutive strings

Here's the thing: I have a list of words, followed by "/" and its type. So that looks like "work/vb". I'm only interested in the type, so I split on "/", and keep the "vb". If I now feed the program a text (words followed by their type), all I keep is something like: "vb-sd-ap-n-adj" etc. (the "-" isn't in there, ...

32. Word counting program - new to strings

indexOf() is a String method. If you were going to use that, you would have to load the file's contents into a String and call indexOf() on that String. You would also need to use the two-argument form of indexOf() so you could start each search at the point where the last match ended. But you don't need to do any ...

34. count in a string?

35. Count Similar String

Hi All I have a Log file.I want to Count similar string from log file. My log format is 1684454 opiop 1684454 kokok 1684456 kjhkjh 1684457 okl;k 1684456 lkjlkj 1684457 lkjlk 1684459 lkjlk 1684450 lkjlkkj And now i want to out put like this 1684454 2 1684456 2 1684457 2 1684459 1 1684450 1 Plz Help me

36. String Letter Count

for(int i = 0; i < str.length(); i++) { if(str.charAt(i) == 'A') { countA++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == 'E') { countE++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == 'I') { countI++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == 'O') { countO++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == 'U') { countU++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == 'Y') { countY++; } else if(str.charAt(i) == ' ') { countSpace++; } else { countOther++; ...

37. counting strings

38. Method for counting String

i was wondering if there was a string method that would tell me how many times a certain character shows up in a string? for example if you input "apple" it would give you "1" i'm not sure if i would have to create a method to do this for me or if there is already a method that does this ...

39. count matches in string

Mea culpa I stand corrected ... Which also leads me to one of those WHAT THE FRAP WERE THEY THINKING AT SUN! moments. Or more likely they're just smarter than me and I don't see why they would want it to work the way it does in fact work. My appologies for spreading misinformation. PS

40. how to count words in a string

You could use String.split() on that prefix, plus a leading word boundary marker to make sure it's not a random occurance inside a word. Look at the String.split() and Pattern APIs, and then split and count the tokens. Occurrances = tokens.length -1. IndexOf() with a quick "previous char" check should work fine, too.