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1. Java -> Apache Commons StringEscapeUtils -> escapeJavaScript

For a very simple ajax name lookup, I'm sending an id from the client webpage to the server (Tomcat 5.5, Java 5), looking it up in a database and returning a ...

2. How to handle escape sequences in string literals in ANTLR 3?

I've been looking through the ANTLR v3 documentation (and my trusty copy of "The Definitive ANTLR reference"), and I can't seem to find a clean way to implement escape sequences in ...

3. Can I escape braces in a java MessageFormat?

I want to output some braces in a java MessageFormat. For example I know the following does not work:

MessageFormat.format("  public {0} get{1}() {return {2};}\n\n", type, upperCamel, lowerCamel);
Is there a way ...

4. Backslash problem with String.replaceAll

I'm trying to convert "\something\" into "\\something\\" using replaceAll, but I keep getting all kinds of errors. I thought this was the solution:

theString.replaceAll("\\", "\\\\");
But this gives: Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: ...

5. How do I escape a string in Java?

I'm reading a sourcefile in Java, but when I print it (sysout), the escaped characters are no longer escaped. How can I escape characters like \n and \t in a string ...

6. Problem parsing unicode escape in a Java 6 String literal...?

Why does this compile in java 6 (Sun 1.6.0_16):

... but not this:
On this program:
public class Test {
  public static void main(String argv[]) {
I get a ...

7. Java library that escapes quotation marks

I often have to escape many quotation marks in a String. Is there a library that provides String functions such as this. It's easy enough to write, but something that had ...

8. Convert International String to \u Codes in java

How can I convert an international (e.g. Russian) String to \u numbers (unicode numbers)
e.g. \u041e\u041a for OK ?

9. What is the use of formfeed and backspace escape strings in Java?

Is there any practical usage for \r and \b in Java? Could someone give an example where it's used?

10. What is meant by "escape sequence" in the definition of Java string literals?

From the Java Language Specification, Section 3.10.5 String Literals:

Characters may be represented by escape sequences - one escape sequence for characters in the range U+0000 to U+FFFF, ...

11. escape punctuation in string

String pat = "([^a-zA-z0-9])"; // WRONG!!!! String escape= "\\\\$1"; //i am not sure what this is?? Pattern p = Pattern.compile(pat); Matcher m = p.matcher(""); m.reset(Me); String result= m.replaceAll(escape); First off, there's a typo in the regex you copied from that web page: the second 'z' should have been a capital 'Z'. Due to that error, the code will silently fail to ...

12. Is there is any class available to escape query strings?[unsolved]

It's good to know that PreparedStatements automatically escape strings... The common package has functions I need but I never have used commons.lang package. is this package already available with default JDK installation? do I have to install any other package to make these classes available? do I have to set classpath as well? how do I refer these classes in my ...

13. Escaping Stuff in a String

14. String escape

Hi, I have a set of strings that are not escaped for the '\' and '"' (slash & quote) characters. So I have written below code to escape the Strings with '\' character. Since there are thousands of such input Strings to be checked for proper escape, I just want to know any API method is there for properly escaping an ...

15. How to parse a normal string into an escape sequence enabled string?

Hi all, My aim is to parse the normal string into an escape sequence enabled string, for eg: welcome to "java" \world this should be converted as follows welcome to \"java\" world i have an idea to use charAt() and replaceAll() methods, but is ther any other way to do this? please help me in this. Thank you.

16. Escape variables in strings

18. Strings escaping problem

the properties file is all I have got. Its an application that already exists. We can try going by xml but the impact will be too much for just a single configuration. I am looking at parsing it myself but have never done so so I looking on the internet. If any of you guys can give me any pointers that ...

19. Escaping $ in a string

Hi All, I need to escape ALL $ characters in a certain string. e.g. If the string is "abcd$abc$d", I need to covert it to "abcd\$abc\$d". So I made use of the following lines of codes String s = "abcd$abc$d"; String taginatedThirdPartyAdTag = s.replaceAll(" $", "\\\\$"); In jdk 1.6, these lines of code throw the exception .... Exception in thread "main" ...