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I want to load a text box in Java from a text file. This sounds simple but the big question is how to return at the end add newlines when text ...

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I am absolutely new to Java and Blackberry development. I've started learning Java and Blackberry development. I just created sample BB app, which can allow to choose the date.

DateField curDateFld = ...

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I've really a long sequence of characters such as 123222222222230000000000001. I want to convert this to a long. What is the most efficient way to do it in Java? UPDATE: The ...

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Long.parseLong( string ) throws an error if string is not parsable into long. Is there a way to validate the string faster than using try-catch? Thanks

5. Java string too long?    stackoverflow.com

I have the following code in Java (which worked just fine in C++ for some reason) which produces an error:

int a;
System.out.println("String length: " + input.length());
for(a = 0; ((a + 1) * ...

6. Encode/decode a long to a string using a fixed set of letters in Java    stackoverflow.com

Given an arbitrary set of letters

String range = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopABCD#";
I am looking for 2 methods to encode/decode from long <-> String
String s = encode( range, l );
long l = decode( range, s ...

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I have a string array which i need to parse it to long variable. The string array contains values as ["9", "8"] etc. I want to convert this to "(9,8)" (I am using ...

8. What string should I pass to java.lang.Long.parseLong() to return a NaN?    stackoverflow.com

I unfortunately cant use expressions like Long.Nan as the string is actually a return value from a different C module. Is there a string I can pass to parseLong() to return ...

9. Java: signed long to unsigned long string    stackoverflow.com

Is there an easy and fast way to convert a Java signed long to an unsigned long string?

-1              ...

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I got a simple question in Java: How can I convert a String that was obtained by Long.toString() to long ?

11. Read a very long string from console using Java Scanner takes time?    stackoverflow.com

Currently I'm creating a console program that read a one line with very long String with java Scanner sample data is more like this 50000 integer in one line separated by white-space,

"11 ...

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Hello, I am attempting to convert a string read from a database into a long, I figured out most of it: String amt = "3454"; long Amount = Long.parseLong(amt); But the problem is that the String actually being read is not "3454" but of the form "0000003454". How can I shave off the first x zero's from my string before converting ...

15. search long string for several strings    coderanch.com

I need a lot of help. I basically need to return defined strings based on string inputs seperated by ";". I have an excell sheet that has several people with some at same remote locations and other at different locations. i.e. "jones, carla h.; mackafee, stein j.; example, crazy i." - site ga030 "excuses, lame I; people, helpful u" - site ...

16. Long(String s) and valueOf(String s)    coderanch.com

The constructor only works if you are constructing an instance of Long. This is nice because when we are making a Long, we get the built in edit. Since the valueOf method is a static method, it can be invoked without ever creating an actual instance of Long. This is nice if we just need to edit a string without converting ...

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Hey Ive had an assignment for a huge program and I conquered it all well but once again, I get caught on one of the simplest parts because we weren't really taught how to actually do this. So say you have a distance of 325 inches. I then would convert that to feet by dividing it by 12 and getting 27.083. ...

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25. How to convert Long to String.    coderanch.com

Anyway, you should avoid "new Long", "new Integer" and all others. Since Java 5.0 all of the primitive-wrapper classes have a static method called "valueOf" which takes a matching primitive, and returns a wrapper instance (e.g. Character.valueOf('a'), Boolean.valueOf(true), Integer.valueOf(4)). The advantage of using "valueOf" over "new" is that "valueOf" may return any cached objects. For instance, Byte, Short, Integer and Long ...

26. convert long to string    coderanch.com

like llaffer said you will want sprintf() but the buffer (the char[]) you write to will have to be at least 12 bytes long to avoid overflows as an integer can hold (2^31)-1 to -(2^31), 2^31 is 10 characters long (2147483648) and a negative sign makes 11 characters long and finally you need the null terminator which makes 12 characters/bytes, also ...

27. String to Long    coderanch.com

You have to realize there is a difference between how a number is stored, and how it is displayed. the valued of the number '2' is the same regardless of whether I write it as "2", "two", "II", or "000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002". When you store it as an Integer, you are storing the VALUE. you are trying to combine the storing of the ...

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Hello, I am trying to convert a Long value to a String in my application, but each time, the leading zeroes are eliminated during the process. What is the easiest way to do this while keeping any leading zeroes if they exist? Also, there may or may not be a leading zero and I have no guarantee on the minimum value ...

34. Convert a String to Long    forums.oracle.com

Hi , There are two ways. Either you can convert the string into Object . String str =01234; e.g. say Object obj = (Object)(str); output will be = 01234. Or If you want long then you can identfy preceding no. of zeros with the help length function. Say e.g. int length1 = str.length() ; i.e. o/p-> 5 After converting it into ...

35. String to long datatype conversion problem    forums.oracle.com

I have a String value which has 0 s prior to the value, I need to parse that string long primitive type. When I do that, I got the values without 0 s, but I need them too. How to get them too String s = "000234"; long l = Long.parseLong(s); the output for the top is displaying as 234 only, ...

37. How long can a string be?    forums.oracle.com

EDIT: The diagram came out bad but basically all the numbers are lined up evenly to the right and the x designates which numbers will be added Basically I'm making a program that reads in two binary numbers, does binary addition, and then convert it to decimal representation. Basically I'm lining up all the powers of twos and adding them and ...

38. How to error check string for LONG list of strings    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, Let's say I want to compare a string variable with a long list of strings to see if it matches anything in that list. Is there some built-in function that will make this easy. Or should I do it the old fashioned way and load a string array with the list and then for loop through the array comparing ...

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/* Encrypt 16 bytes of data */ s0=m0 ^ p_instance.x[0] ^ (p_instance.x[5] >> 16) ^ (p_instance.x[3] << 16); s1=m1^ p_instance.x[2] ^ (p_instance.x[7] >> 16) ^ (p_instance.x[5] << 16); s2=m2 ^ p_instance.x[4] ^ (p_instance.x[1] >> 16) ^ (p_instance.x[7] << 16); s3=m3 ^ p_instance.x[6] ^ (p_instance.x[3] >> 16) ^ (p_instance.x[1] << 16); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"cipher2"); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,String.valueOf(s0)); temp.concat(String.valueOf(s0)); temp.concat(String.valueOf(s1)); temp.concat(String.valueOf(s2)); temp.concat(String.valueOf(s3));

42. how to convert string into long ??    forums.oracle.com

it seems that the OP doesn't want to deal with Strings at all. he has a byte array of data, and he wants to read 8 bytes of it into a long in its binary representation perhaps use something like ObjectInputStream with its readLong() method (and similar methods for other types) to read binary data into values

43. Can't convert from String to Long.    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I want to convert a String to Long type but i am getting NumberFormatException while converting. My code is: Long ln1 = new Long(ln.trim()); where ln is a String. I tried several ways like first convertig String to long and then Long but then it throws same exception ans the ln1 value gets set to null. The String seems to ...

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45. How to get back leading zeros while converting String to long    forums.oracle.com

There is no concept of a long value having leading zeros. When you display a long value you can format it to have leading zeros. That is, if you go from long to String you can have leading zeros. There ain't no such thing as leading zeros going from String to long. null

46. Converting String to long    forums.oracle.com

You can parse it as a double, then cast it to an int/long or maybe round it in a way you want to. Since what you passed is not a representation of an integer number, but a fractional one you cannot expect the Integer or Long classes to be able to cope with your input. Mike

47. How to change the long in to string    forums.oracle.com

Hi In my program i get the long value as input. Then i send this long value to one method for testing which accepts the argument as String.So i have to change my long in to string then i pass it to the method. can anybody tell me how to change my long in to string? Thank you so much

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EJP wrote: So how can "abcd" be both the correct value and twice as long as it should be? The absolute minimum possible result for "bio" is two letters (plus a closing semicolon). "abcd" is not the real answer. "go;" is a/the correct answer. I suspected I have a two letter "bio", and performed a test. My suspicions were confirmed. To ...

51. Unable to print a very long String value    forums.oracle.com

-cp -classpath A ; separated list of directories, JAR archives, and ZIP archives to search for class files. -D= set a system property -verbose[:class|gc|jni] enable verbose output -version print product version and exit -version: require the specified version to run -showversion print product version and ...