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1. split string    stackoverflow.com

I'm a begginer in java I have

like this I want to split this string and store into an array like two strings:
1) 090209153038020734.0
2) 090209153039020734.0
I have done like this:
String packetArray[] = ...

2. Java split() method strips empty strings at the end?    stackoverflow.com

Check out the below program.

public class test {

   * @param args
  public static void main(String[] args)  {
    try ...

3. split string java    stackoverflow.com

duplicate: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/527595/split-string hi, i'm have string like this

i want to split this
and store int Array when 0x01 value occurs in the string b'coz string length is not fixed. i have done splitting ...

4. A method to reverse effect of java String.split()?    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a method to combine an array of strings into a delimited String. An opposite to split(). I've seen this in other languages. Wanted to ask the forum before I ...

5. Text area text to be split with conditions    stackoverflow.com

I have a text area where a user can enter free flow text. I want to separate out lines/occurrences in my Java class based on the below conditions: When the user does ...

6. How can I split a given String using either + or -?    stackoverflow.com

I want to split a polynomial like:

Into each one of its terms (2x^7, x^2, 3x, 9) I've thought about using String.split(), but how can I make it take more than one paramether? ...

7. Split java strings in Rhino    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to split a java string in a Rhino javascript program

var s = new java.lang.String("1 2 3");
which give me the error
js: Can't find method java.lang.String.split().
The Rhino docs mentioned that all ...

8. String parsing in Java with delimeter tab "\t" using split    stackoverflow.com

I have to parse a line which is tab delimited. I parse it using the split function, and it works in most situations. The problem occurs when some field is missing, ...

9. Java string split function acting strange    stackoverflow.com

I am noticing strange behaviour when using the split() method in Java. I have a string as follows: 0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10

String currentString[] = br.readLine().split("\\|");
for(int i=0;i < currentString.length;i++){
This will produce ...

10. String Split function in java does not work    stackoverflow.com

Hi I want to split a string which has content like this:

but when I use:
String data=...
it does not recognize $ and do not split string but when I replace $ by some ...

11. How to split a string, but also keep the delimiters?    stackoverflow.com

I have a multiline string which is delimited by a set of different delimiters:

I can split this string into its parts, using String.split, but it seems that I can't get the ...

12. Wind blowing on String    stackoverflow.com

I have some basic idea on how to do this task, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. So we have class WindyString with metod blow. After using it ...

13. how to display the decrypted and splited Strings in order?    stackoverflow.com

i need some help and guidance in displaying the splitted Strings in order. let say, i have username, password, nonceInString. i had successfully encrypted and decrypted those. then i split ...

14. Probelm with String.split() in java    stackoverflow.com

What I am trying to do is read a .java file, and pick out all of the identifiers and store them in a list. My problem is with the .split() ...

15. Java spliting strings    stackoverflow.com

I've got a Java problem. I'm trying split a string when ever a " " occurs, for example the sentence test abc. Then move the first letter in each word from first to ...

16. I want to split string without using split function?    stackoverflow.com

I want to split string without using split . can anybody solve my problem I am tried but I cannot find the exact logic.

17. Complex string split in Java    stackoverflow.com

Consider the following String :

Here is how I want to split string, split it with + so I get this result :
myArray[0] = "5|12345|value1|value2|value3|value4";

myArray[1] = "5|777|value1|value2|value3|value4?5|777|value1|value2|value3|value4";
if string has doesn't contain char ...

18. String, split. need help understanding    stackoverflow.com

Case 1

String a = "         ";
String[] b = a.split(",");
Prints 1. Why? Case 2
String a = ",,,,,,,,,,,,";
String[] b = a.split(",");
Prints 0. Why? Honestly, i am at ...

19. Split String on . as delimiter    stackoverflow.com

I am wondering if i am going about splitting a string on a . the right way? My code is:

String[] fn = filename.split(".");
return fn[0];
I only need the first part of ...

20. string split in java    stackoverflow.com

i have a string 004-034556. now i want to split in into two string.

that means the first string will contain characters before '-' and second string will contain characters after '-'. ...

21. Splitting strings/tokens    stackoverflow.com

Is there a better way to read tokens in a file in java? I am currently using StringTokenizer for splitting the tokens. But it can be quite inefficient in most cases as ...

22. String splitting    stackoverflow.com

I have a string in what is the best way to put the things in between $ inside a list in java?

String temp = $abc$and$xyz$;
how can i get all the variables ...

23. Using String.split() to access numeric values    stackoverflow.com

i tried myself lot but can't get a solution so i'm asking help. i have an string String input="---4--5-67--8-9---"; now i need to convert in into an string array which ...

24. Having String returned from String.split include partial of matching elements    stackoverflow.com

final String json = "\"name\" : \"john\" , \"worth\" : \"123,456\"";    
String[] ss = json.split("\"\\s*,\\s*\"");
for (String s : ss) {
    System.out.println("--> " + s);
The output ...

25. String split not returning empty results    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use

Problem is that I want it to include the blank results. It returns: [value1, value2, value3]
It should be: [value1, value2, , value3] Does anyone know the regexp to ...

26. How can I split a string in Java and retain the delimiters?    stackoverflow.com

I have this string (Java 1.5):

I need to get an array:
{":alpha", ";beta", ":gamma", ";delta"}
What is the most convenient way to do it in Java?

27. how to split a string by position in Java    stackoverflow.com

I did not find anywhere an answer.. If i have: String s = "How are you"? How can i split this into two strings, so first string containing from 0..s.length()/2 and the ...

28. Splitting a string into n-length chunks in Java    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Split string to equal length substrings in Java
Given the following utility method I have:
 * Splits string <tt>s</tt> into chunks of size <tt>chunkSize</tt>

29. Splitting a string up in java as it is pulled from a list?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking to split a List of Strings up as i iterate throught the list imagine the following as the List.

So i want to iterate through the list pull out each ...

30. Is there a more efficient way than String.split() to break up a String into words?    stackoverflow.com

My current project requires a search to be run on lyrics of a song, which is a String field in the Song object. To help make searches more efficient, I ...

31. Java - splitting String problem    stackoverflow.com

I've had a small problem with splitting a String in java as follows:

String dexListTempString = dexListMod.get(selNum-1);
The first line prints the class name of the Object returned from the index of ...

32. Java String.split problem when trying to String split.("\\?");    stackoverflow.com

So I have a string that is like this: Some text here?Some number here and I need to split those, I am using string.split("\\?") but if I have a string like this: This is a ...

33. Java: String splitting    stackoverflow.com

I have the following string:

     Mr John Smith Dickson <john@yahoo.com>
I want to split it into three parts: 1st part - Mr
2nd part - John Smith Dickson
3rd part ...

34. how to split string with some seperator but without removing that seperator in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I m facing problem in splitting string. Actually i want to split a string with some seperator but without loosing that seperator. when we use somestring.split(String seperator) method in java it splits the ...

35. Java split the path..?    stackoverflow.com

This is the input as string:

I need output as:
Watch out the "\" char. I easily got output for "/".

36. Strange String.split("\n") behavior    stackoverflow.com

I have a .txt text file, containing some lines.. I load the contain using the RequestBuilder object, and split the responseText with words = String.split("\n"); but i wonder, why the result is contains ...

37. Spliting a String without .split command    stackoverflow.com

I got a String "1/3" where I want to get only the number 1 Is it possible to get it without using "1/3".split("\\/") ?

38. Is it possible to split a String around "." in java?    stackoverflow.com

When I try to split a String around occurrences of "." the method split returns an array of strings with length 0.When I split around occurrences of "a" it works fine.Does ...

39. how can i split a string    stackoverflow.com

Hi I want to split a string as only two parts. i.e. I want to split this string only once.

EX: String-----> hai,Bye,Go,Run 
I want to split the above string with comma(,) ...

40. How to split a string with java but also keep the delimiters end of sentance    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Is there a way to split strings with String.split() and include the delimiters?
Suppose I have the following sentences-
What is your name? My name ...

41. how to split string according to tag name in an HTML page using String.split()    stackoverflow.com

I want to split the following string according to the td tags:



42. Splitting up a string    stackoverflow.com

I would like to take the code below and take the 5 number string the I input into the box and output 5 spaces in between each number. So I ...

43. how to split the String using comma,but with out any in {...}'s commas    stackoverflow.com

String filterPath="aa.bb.cc{k1:v1,k2:{s1:s2}},bb.cc,ee.dd";

String[] result=filterPath.split(",");
for(String r:result){
I want split the String filterPath ,but with out any in { ... }'s commas:
thanks for help.

44. Unable to split a string    stackoverflow.com

I have a string

Mr praneel PIDIKITI
When I use this regular expression
 String[] nameParts = name.split("\\s+");
instead of getting three parts I am only getting two, Mr and Praneel ...

45. java string split    stackoverflow.com

What should i do if i want to split the characters of any string considering gaps and no gaps? For example, if I have the string My Names James I want each ...

46. Java - string split replace and join    stackoverflow.com

I have a URL string where I need to replace the last collection of characters after the final "/" In Ruby, this would be:

str = "/some/url/structure"
ar = str.split("/")
ar[ar.length-1] = "path"
string = ar.join("/")
>> ...

47. split string at index    stackoverflow.com

How would I split a string at a particular index? e.g split string at index 10, making the string now equal to everything up to index 10 and then dumping the ...

48. Java: Splitting a string    stackoverflow.com

In java I have a method that recieves a string that looks like:

"Name ID CSVofInts"
It's purpose is to create a new object with the name, ID and then ...

49. Java String split not returning the right values    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to parse a txt file that represents a grammar to be used in a recursive descent parser. The txt file would look something like this: SPRIME ::= Expr eof
Expr ::= ...

50. Java String split by comma    stackoverflow.com

I have this code down below that gives me this output

The input.txt file contains 1,2,3,4,3,4,5,4,3,5,3,4,5,5,4,64, The code is this. It is clear there is a simple error in splitting but I ...

51. Split a String in Java    stackoverflow.com

I am using the Java exec command to issue a "hcitool scan" command in order to perform a Bluetooth Scan. The output is in the exact same format as it would ...

52. How to split this string in java    stackoverflow.com

Hi in my program a string is generated like "1&area_id=54&cid=3".First an integer and then a string "&area_id=",then antoher integer, and after that a string "&cid=" and then the final integer.These two ...

53. Using the Split method    stackoverflow.com

If I have a string like :  DOM1/HKJ    -   2010-11-04  08:05:30    -   -   ...

54. Java String.split memory leak?    stackoverflow.com

I found that using String.substring is known for memory issues related to String.split. Is there a memory leak in using String.split? If yes what is the work-around for it?

Following link show correct usage ...

55. Split a string in java    stackoverflow.com

I am getting this string from a program

[user1, user2]
I need it to be splitted as
String1 = user1
String2 = user2

56. how to split the string in java    stackoverflow.com

how to split the string in java in Windows? I used Eg.

String directory="C:\home\public\folder";
String [] dir=direct.split("\");
I want to know how to split the string in eg. ...

57. Split string with specified separator without omitting empty elements    stackoverflow.com

Right now I am using

StringUtils.split(String str, char separatorChar)
to split input string with specified separator (,). Example input data:
String[] { "a", "f", "h" }
But with following input:
It returns just
String[] { "a", "h" }
What ...

58. Splitting a String using Word Delimiters    stackoverflow.com

i have a string as below

a > b and c < d or d > e and f > g
outcome must be:
a > b
c < d
d > e
f > g
i ...

59. Split string with | separator in java    stackoverflow.com

i get an string who's like: 1|"value"|; I wanna split that string and choosed that | as separator. My code looks like:

String[] seperated = line.split("|");
What i get is an array that contains all characters ...

60. Split a string all alpha and all numeric    stackoverflow.com

I have a List and I would like to split the first two characters (alpha characters) into a different string and then all the numbers that follow (they vary in length). How ...

61. how to split a string in java    stackoverflow.com

I have a string something like |serialNo|checkDelta?|checkFuture?|checkThis?|. Now i am using the following code to split the string. String[] splitString = str.split("|"); but when i use this i get array of string that contains ...

62. String fullname Split java    stackoverflow.com

I created a program which will parse the firstName, middleName and lastName. Here is the program and output. This program can definitely be improved and need some input on reducing my ...

63. Java - String Parsing or split() bug in using multiple delimiters    stackoverflow.com

Ok, you might say that this is a duplicate post but it is different. I am working on a program that is working on some kind of deleting delimiters specified by the ...

64. Split string using Dojo/Dijit    stackoverflow.com

Here is my problem, I have a dojo/dijit multiselect list, so after a multiple select i need to split the result Example

 var selecteted = dijit.byId('list1').attr('value');
let assume that selected = 'value 1,value2,value3'; so ...

65. Is it possible that Java String.split can return a null String[]    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible for split to return a null String[]? I am curious as I want to try to be as defensive as possible in my code without having unnecessary ...

66. String delimiter in string.split method    stackoverflow.com

I have following data:

I want to delimit the tokens. Here the delimiter is "||". My delimiter setter is:
public void setDelimiter(String delimiter) {
    char[] c = delimiter.toCharArray();
    this.delimiter ...

67. Java - How to split (+ sign) on Strings so it could be read as a Variable/Int?    stackoverflow.com

This question is rather difficult to confer, for simplistic sake: I am loading some Strings via XML (XStream). for example, Your total count is +variable+ . The outcome would ...

68. Is there a tool for splitting german compound words in java?    stackoverflow.com

I am sucessfully splitting Sentences into words with a StringTokenizer. Is there a tool which is able to split compound words like Projektüberwachung into their parts Projekt and überwachung or even

69. Java: split() returns [Ljava.lang.String;@186d4c1], why?    stackoverflow.com

And i have no idea why! I bascially have a STRING (yes, not an array), that has the following contents:

[something, something else, somoething, trallala, something]
And i want to turn it into a ...

70. Split Paragraphs Java: i want first 50 words in one variable from string    stackoverflow.com

I have

String explanation = "The image-search feature will start rolling out in the next few days, said Johanna Wright, a Google search director. "Every picture has a story, and we want ...

71. In Java how to extract string from the phrase with split() function    stackoverflow.com

Can I extract string from the phrase using split() function with subphrases as delimeters? For example I have a phrase "Mandatory string - Any string1 - Any string2". How can I ...

72. java String split + patterns    stackoverflow.com

I'm using this method to split some text:

String[] parts = sentence.split("[,\\s\\-:\\?\\!\\«\\»\\'\\´\\`\\\"\\.\\\\\\/]");
Which will split me the text according to the specified symbols. One of the symbols is "-", because my text have ...

73. Java Splitting a string into 2 strings based on a delimiter.    stackoverflow.com

does anybody know if there is a solid library based method to achieve the following. say I have a string:

"name1, name2, name3, name4" 
and I want to parse it into 2 ...

74. How to split a string in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have a group of radio buttons and a group of checkboxes. I want to print out the selected radio buttons/checked boxes. To print out the radio button selected I use ...

75. split(//s+) dont remove whitespaces    stackoverflow.com

I need to read alot of files and insert the data into Ms sql. Got a file, it looks the texts are separated by //t. Split does not do the job, I ...

76. How can I split two digit into two different strings?    stackoverflow.com

I have month in, which contains a value such as 12. I am trying to split it into two different strings e.g. a=1 and b=2. How do I do this? ...

77. The right way to split a string into zero or more words    stackoverflow.com

I have a string with zero or more whitespace-separated words, that needs to be split into an array of words. This is what I did. But the post-processing step, where I ...

78. Split string and trim every element    stackoverflow.com

Is there any library API or regex pattern to split a String on some delimiter and automatically trim leading and trailing spaces from every element without having to loop the elements? For ...

79. Split the String with comma and Star    stackoverflow.com

Hi i am developing the android application now getting the String like under. I want to split my string with comma and with the Star is well. The String Is : kushal,naren,dhrumil,naren.zala@gmail.com,*Bcc:kushal.3106@gmail.com And ...

80. Split string in two parts by length    stackoverflow.com

How to split a string in two parts : one part with first three characters & another part with leftover characters ? (I finally need to convert both splitted substrings to ...

81. splitting string    bytes.com

hai, hai i have constant maximum length... Based on that maximum length i have to split one string ..how to do in java... Example: String number= "000101051105210100010545"; spilt into 00010/1051105/210100/010545 like ...

82. problem with String.split()    coderanch.com

Suppose you have some simple CSV data in which some of the fields may be empty. Split() has to return a value for each field in order to keep in synch with the data, so it returns an empty string for each empty field. It would be an error for it to ignore the first field because it happened to be ...

83. Query regarding String.split    coderanch.com

Hi all, In the Following code split(string) gives a wrong o/p. String individualFC = "CT$ALK1$$100"; String fcashDet[] = individualFC.split( "$" ); for ( int i =0;i

84. Split function of String class    coderanch.com

85. Issue with the String split method when using "|"    coderanch.com

I have strings which use the following seperator | If I split using "|" I get a string array with one cell for every character. If I use a different character (regex) it works. Does anyone know why? Does the | character have a special meaning in the String. Below is sample code and output explaining the issue. Note: This uses ...

86. Split String seperated by "."    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a String containing the classes package structur, like this.is.a.package I'd like to split it, so I'd do something like: String[] tokens = packageStructur.split(???) Since "." is a special character when it comes to regular expressions, how can I split by "."? I can't find a soluation for this in the API.

87. reg split method in string    coderanch.com

Hi with split method when i am trying to use "|"(pipe)as delimeter i am getting different result here i am pasting the code class split1 { public static void main(String[] args) { String ss="vijay |kumar"; String ss1[]=ss.split("|"); System.out.println("length is "+ss1.length); System.out.println("Hello World!"); } } Result: E:\vijay\excer>javac split1.java E:\vijay\excer>java split1 length is 13 Hello World! When i am trying to use "-" ...

88. split function of string    coderanch.com

89. splitting a string    coderanch.com

Hi, Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status 5102/5102 (Unspecified) D 0 Unmonitored From the above i have to display the Name/username alone.I have tried the below code public class HelloLive extends JApplet implements ActionListener { String command="sip show peers"; public void run() throws ManagerCommunicationException { for (String string : asteriskServer.executeCliCommand(command)) { String b; char a; for(int i=0;i

90. help required with split method of String class    coderanch.com

Dear All, We have a requirement that the user enters some decimal number like 123.345 or 12.0987 , now we want to break the real part and fractional part of the string , like for example when 123.345 is breaked it becomes "123" and "345" . I am using split method of the string class to break the real part and ...

91. split() method in String API    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Joanne Neal: The | is a special character in regular expressions that means match either the part on the left side or the part on the right side of the |. As you don't have anything on either the left or right of the |, I presume (I'm not a RE expert) it is interpreted as ...

92. String split function and "||" String    coderanch.com

As Joanne said, | is a special character in regular expressions. It means choice. Therefore, || means "empty string or empty string or empty string", in other words: empty string. Now you may think: that would lead to 36 empty strings, because there are only 36 characters: one empty string before each character. The magic here is, there is also an ...

93. Splitting a string    coderanch.com

I have a a string of the form bh;ah;|ai;al;|lk;| I have to break it up first by | and then by ; . then i have to add its contents to vector.. public Vector stringToVector(String saveString){ Vector day = new Vector(); String aliasArray[]= saveString.split("|");//splitting by shifts for(int j=0;j

94. Using string.split with any delimiter    coderanch.com

Hi, I need to use string.split() to tokenize a string. The problem is the delimiter can be any character or sequence of characters. What I've noticed is that some characters such as | or . perform incorrectly as the delimiting character. I understand that this is because they have a different meaning in regular expressions. It is easy to overcome this ...

95. Split a String    coderanch.com

Hi ALL Does anyone know how to split a String into its constituent characters ?? e.g if you have a string say "saddle", how do I get hold of the character at position 1 or 2 ?? do I use the method charAt() ??? How do you use this method ??? Thanks in Advance.

96. Splitting a string    coderanch.com

I was just posting a question regarding the java.lang.String.split() method when I figured out that I was using 1.3 and it's only available in 1.4. So that leaves me the question of whether there is some way to do this (split a comma separated list into an array) in 1.3 other than manually write my own function to do it. Anyone ...

97. Split a String    coderanch.com

Never used it myself, but unless I miss my guess it's because your regular expression is incorrectly formatted. Are you trying to split on a string containing two periods? If so, (since the period is a special character in regular expressions) you'll need to specify the regex as something along the lines of "\\.\\." (the double-backslash turns into a single in ...

98. Best way to split a String on it's Capitals    coderanch.com

Okay, I'll bite... as a Perl hacker my first inclination is to seek a regex based solution. The java.util.regex package isn't quite as easy to use as Perl's built in functionality, but this isn't too tough: import java.util.regex.Pattern; import java.util.regex.Matcher; public class JRTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String test = "IceCream"; StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer(); Pattern p ...

99. Splitting a string of asterisks    coderanch.com

I need to split a string of asterisks (that will vary in length) with a space after every five asterisks. I have tried playing around w/ a for loop, string tokenizer, and regex and I haven't come up w/ the solution yet. Yes, I am very new at studying Java! Any ideas? public class Histogram { public static void main(String[] args) ...

100. String.split question    coderanch.com

I'm trying to parse/split a String into tokens using the String.split( regex ) method, but I'm losing the empty tokens at the tail of the String. Currently, I'm using: String str = "1,2,,4,,,"; str.split( "," ); which creates the following String array: str[0] = "1" str[1] = "2" str[3] = "" str[4] = "4" unfortunately, all the empty tokens are lost ...